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After  washing  our  faces, styling our hair and  applying  lotion,  that’s  all  to  it  for  guys (unless you were  raised  by  Johnny  Bravo).  It’s  a  different  ball  game  for  the  ladies,  with  so many  options  out  there, it’s  tough to  know  exactly  which  beauty  products  should  be held  in  your  arsenal. Here lies the short list of your 5 absolute must-haves. 

  1. CONCEALER: Just as the  name  implies,  this  is  definitely  a  five  star  must  have  product.  It’s  every girl’s  best  friend  and works to conceal  blemishes,  pimples  and  dark  circles, ultimately giving you a smooth and even skin tone. Imperfections are nothing when you have this beauty product.
  1. RED LIPSTICK: A girl without a red lipstick and isn’t gothic? Quite rare!  Every  girl  needs  this  at her  disposal,  it  goes  for  all  occasions  and  hey!  It’s your number one go to beauty product for seduction and attraction (winks).  It  comes  in  varieties  such  as  cinnamon,  crimson  or  cherry,  your  selection should  be  based  on its sync with your complexion. It will definitely make you ooze confidence.
  1. MASCARA: Some ladies were  blessed  with  naturally  luscious  lashes  but  hey,  don’t  fret.  This beauty  product  makes  up  for  that,  it  adds  a  little  to  your  dashing  look.  Within seconds,  short  and  dull  looking  eye  lashes  could  be  transformed  into  an  amazing full  and  fluffy  one  by  just  swiping  few  coats  of  this  awesome  beauty  product, thereby  drawing  more  attention  to  the  eyes.  See  it  as  an  eyelash  enhancer,  it  may darken,  thicken  or  lengthen  the  eyelashes.  It comes in various forms of three; cake, liquid or cream. It’s recommended to  acquire  only  an  all-natural  mascara,  although  they are  not  cheap  but  compared  to  those  made  up  of  petroleum  based  formulas,  they don’t cause allergic reactions.
  1. BLUSH: This beauty product  comes  in  varieties  such  as  apricot,  raspberry,  rose  or  in  forms such  as  cream,  gel  or  liquid.  It brightens up any face, giving it that sparkling look. It  can  be  used  on  bare  face  or  over  your  foundation. If  you  desire  that  healthy, youthful,  bright  and  super  attractive  skin  look  then  blush  is  a  must  have.  (Like always, don’t overdo it; keep the color on your cheeks).
  1. SUNSCREEN: This might come as a surprising number five to many, but when you’re faced with the facts, it definitely should come as number 1. With the  advent  of  global  warming,  the  ozone  layer  has  been  stretched  quite  thin, allowing  harmful  UV  rays  to  reach  the  earth. This UV rays cause a plethora of skin disorders such as melasma, solar lentigos and all other terrible forms of hyperpigmentation.  Pretty  sure  you  don’t  want  to  add  to the  skin  cancer  statistic;  malignant  melanoma,  which  is  very  preventable causes 75% of all skin cancer deaths and if untreated quickly can spread to other parts of the body to cause more havoc. Now tell me what’s beauty without youthfulness to accentuate it? Sunscreen moisturizes the skin and blocks UV-A rays which is responsible for photoaging, early appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on the face. Ideally we should opt for beauty products that have some certain levels of SPF values and use sunscreen all year round. Not only does it protect the skin from hyperpigmentation and development of skin cancer, it also slows down the inevitable skin aging process by 24%.

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