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The Significance of Sunscreen During Summer

EXTRASHADE best sunscreen for black skinWith the arrival of summer, a lot of us will soon be spending hours outside enjoying the lovely weather. A few of us will go on holiday at a beach, or maybe we’ll just spend time in our backyard by the pool. Whatever it’s that you do, the sun will be at its maximum power beaming down its harmful rays at us. It does not mean we should hide in our houses and wait for the sun to go away. Being outside in the sun is healthy and also a fun part of summer. If you’re going to be outside for a long period of time it’s extremely vital that you wear sunscreen or sunblock, however you may like to call it. This simple measure and this simple, inexpensive product can save your life while making your summer even more enjoyable.

How does a lotion shield us from sunlight? What is SPF? How do I know which one to purchase?

Well you see, sunscreen comes in all sorts. Lotions, sprays, some water resistant, some geared for kids, and others for fit people. What is the difference!?

SPF stands for Sun Protection Factor. It measures the amount of sunlight it’ll block out from damaging your skin and for what period of time. If a person burns readily, they need to put on sunscreen to be able to stay out in the sun longer without burning. Burning is what sunscreen is striving to prevent. By continued burning of the skin it may bring about early aging, sunspots, together with skin cancer. Prevention is vital!

However one does not really desire an SPF 80 lotion! SPF 30 will do just the same job as SPF 80 AS LONG AS you apply it generously and reapply it at least every two hours.

Should I still apply sunscreen although it’s cloudy outside?

Absolutely!! The sun’s rays are still reaching the world. In case you know you will be spending a very long amount of time outside, be on the safe side and put it on.

Next time you are shopping for a sunscreen, remember to get one of at least SPF 30, and one which says on the bottle “broad spectrum” meaning it’ll protect you against all the different kinds of sun rays. Do not forget to use it behind your ears on top of your feet and get help from someone to cover your back completely! You do not want to miss any areas!



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