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The Morning Routine

morning routine
There are some things that most of us do everyday, without even thinking about it. Brushing our teeth in the morning. Brushing our teeth in the evening. Drinking water. Eating vegetables. Eating fruit. Washing our hair. Conditioning our hair. More often than not, these things are in our daily routine. They are habit. We know that they are important because firstly, we were taught to carry these things out since we were running around in diapers. Secondly, we know that if we don’t do them we could be at risk of serious health problems, and of course those pesky vanity issues!

If you don’t brush your teeth you are at risk of getting gum disease, or your teeth will fall out! If you don’t drink enough water you can become dehydrated which can lead to all sorts of illnesses. If you don’t eat enough vegetables and fruit you may become obese and this raises the risk of heart disease, plus your skin may look oily and lack lustre as well. If you don’t look after your hair it can not only look greasy and unkept, but it can become dry and start to fall out. We are all aware of the problems that arise if we do not do these things daily, so why is it not the same with sunscreen?

The principal is the same, no? If you do not wear sunscreen your skin will age prematurely, you may develop hyperpigmentation, and perhaps worse of all you may develop skin cancer where death is a risk. So, why is it that the risks are greater than let’s say keeping your hair clean, yet most of us do not count applying sunscreen every morning as part of our daily routine? Our skin is the body’s largest organ! Surely this in itself should send warning signs to us telling us to look after it.

There needs to be a change in the way we look after our skin, especially for people with skin of color. It seems that a lot of people have the misconception that people with skin of color do not need sunscreen – this is categorically not true!

Everybody, no matter your age, skin color, or gender should be wearing sunscreen, no matter where you are, whether the sun is shining or if it is a cloudy day. Did you know that UVA rays (the ones that lead to premature skin aging and long term skin damage that can lead to skin cancer) can penetrate glass and 90% of clouds? Yup. Scary right!

So tomorrow morning when you are brushing your teeth, washing your hair, and eating your fruit for breakfast just think how much it would really impact your day to add one more action to your morning routine… ‘Apply one layer of sunscreen to your skin’. And if you are worried about smelling like a summer holiday or about how to apply make-up on top of sunscreen then look no further than EXTRASHADE sunscreen – we are made for morning routines!

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