Dark skin and bright futures
Safety and preventive care on skin cancer and sun protection in melanin-rich skin? • Skin cancer does occur in melanin-rich skin; • Sun protection is necessary for disorders common in melanin-rich skin; Melanin-rich skin is susceptible to skin cancer. A 2016 Centers for Disease Control study found that melanoma incidence in the US per 100,000 people included 25.2 white, 5.2 American Indian/Alaska Native, 4.6 Hispanic, 1.2 Asian/Pacific Islander and 0.9 Black. Several diseases among the skin of color community that require sun protection including pigmentation (melasma, PIH [Post Inflammation Hyperpigmentation] and vitiligo), Lupus erythematosus, Solar urticaria, polymorphous light, medication-induced sun sensitivity for hypertension, diabetes and acne to name a few; and photoaging. Unfortunately, it is a fact that those with melanin-rich complexion do not use sunscreen as often as they should. Some reasons include falsely assuming that melanin-rich skin is already photo-protected and forgetting to use it. The daily habit of using sunscreen can be the difference of a better quality of life or the battle of a lifetime.

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