The Coachella Survival Guide

Coachella 2013 Live Stream Channel 1 The Coachella Survival Guide
It is that time of year again… when the internet goes crazy over what everyone is wearing! It is of course Coachella. For those that don’t know, Coachella is a music and arts festival based in LA that takes place over two weeks in April. So what should you take with you? We at EXTRASHADE have put together a 5 point Coachella guide to make sure you are fully prepared.

Festival Style
Like any festival you will be walking lots, so heels or wedges are generally a no no. Wear flat shoes - or, if we may, your dancing shoes! Dress for the hot desert days and cold desert nights, and don’t forget to pack the glitter - no matter how old you are glitter around the eyes is always going to be a winner at a festival!

Organise a Meeting Point
It is likely that you may lose your friends in the excitement of everything, so arrange a meeting point when you arrive. Coachella is a huge festival so it is worth having these ‘meeting-points’, especially if your phones can’t get signal or you lose battery.

Download the App (and take a portable mobile phone charger)
The App is the best way to receive up-to-date set times, and notifications of any changes that have been made to the lineup. You can tailor your own festival experience to make sure you see all the artists you want. And the charger means you won’t run out of battery - something that is inevitable at festivals with all the photo snapping and texting friends to see where they are!

Bring Cash
There are ATM’s but you will most likely have to stand in long lines for ages, and you will be charged a hefty fine to withdraw so bring cash with you!

And lastly and most importantly…..The Coachella Sun

The sun is something that can make a festival incredible, but also terrible - but only if you aren’t prepared, especially considering that this is desert sun! The last thing you want to do is burn your skin because firstly, it isn’t good for your skin’s health and secondly, you don’t want to make your body hotter than it already is or to be in pain from sunburn. So enjoy the sun by protecting yourself from it! Sunscreen for the face and sunscreen for the body are key to your survival. EXTRASHADE is a premium sunscreen for darker skin tones and believe us when we say it is worth spending the money on a very good sunscreen - not only for the protection but also because the quality of it is good that you can wear it under makeup and it blends beautifully into the skin without leaving a white, chalky finish. Perfect for your festival make up, glitter and paint! It is SPF 30 as well which provides your skin lots of protection from the desert heat.

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