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Taking Care of Darker Skin

By Lakiera Thompson

EXTRASHADE Taking Care of Darker Skin
Darker skin contains more melanocytes, which makes it more sensitive than lighter skin in some cases. Melanocytes are mature melanin forming cells that produces the darkening pigment melanin. Not all skin care products are beneficial to darker skin, but there are special steps we can take to ensure that our skin care regimen benefits us well!

Cleansing the Skin

There’s no certain skin care type when it comes to having darker skin. It can vary from oily to dry, even though there are other types like combination and sensitive skin. In these cases, you have to find a cleanser that works best for you.

Oily- foaming cleansers may be a great choice because they help control oiliness

Dry- avoid foaming cleansers and use one that’s moisturizing

Sensitive- avoid cleansers with fragrances, dyes, and other ingredients that’s harsh on skin

Adding Moisture

It’s so important to add moisture back into your skin after cleansing it! Coconut oil is a great and highly recommended moisturizer, also used by a lot of darker women because of the great moisture it provides. It’s best to use a product that contains at least one natural ingredient, like shea butter.

Preventing Hyperpigmentation

Darker skin is more prone to discoloration and hyperpigmentation! How can we prevent it? Using a sunscreen that contributes to darker skin will help prevent discoloration and dark patches.

Protecting the Skin

Protecting the skin from makeup, harsh weather, dirty pillowcases and the sun is essential to maintaining a healthy skincare regimen. Applying a primer underneath your makeup will protect your skin from damages caused by the sun. Washing pillowcases and sheets every week will prevent breakouts, which will even prevent dark spots from a breakout.

Everyone’s skin is not going to benefit from the same products or regimen. It’s important to explore and try things out to find what’s best for you. The most important step is actually taking the time out to get to know your skin and figure out what it agrees with the best!

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