Supergoop! Unseen Sunscreen SPF 40
100% Mineral Invisible Setting Powder
Daily correct CC cream
Everyday sunscreen
Glowstick sunscreen
100% MIneral Smooth and Pore Matte Screen
City Sunscreen serum
Healthy Glow Sunless tan
Shine-On Lip Screen
Forever Young Hand Cream
Eye cream
Antioxidant sunscreen spray
💜Body sunscreens I love
Aveeno Natural Protection SPF50
Blue lizard SPF30
Coppertone Sport SPF50
Vanicream sunscreen

💜Face sunscreens I love
La Roche Posay antihelios mineral
MDSolar Sciences Mineral Tinted
Cetaphil redness relieving
MyChelle SunShield Liquid tint
Solbar zinc SPF 38
Eucerin daily protection
EltaMD UV Clear
EltaMD UV Sport
EltaMD UV Physical
Murad City Skin SPF50
La Roche Posay
Cerave AM
Cerave baby
Eucerin Daily Protection
Avene Very High Protection SPF50 (UK)
Differin SPF30
Neutrogena sheer zinc
Aveeno natural protection
Hamilton Active Family SPF (AU)
Bioderma Photoderm Max (UK)
Coppertone sensitive skin

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43 thoughts on “Supergoop! sunscreen review| Dr Dray 🌞

  1. Kristy Matsen says:

    For a make up where though wouldn’t you recommend using a spray over not replying? It’s very frustrating having oily skin and loving make up because there’s not a lot of options…but I’m all about drug store if u apply it right you’ll be going through it

  2. agameofantasy says:

    I also like LRP Anti Shine Gel-Cream! It contains Mexoryl XL, Tinosorb S, Avobenzone, Titanium Dioxide. This and the LRP Ultra sunscreens are the best UVA protection you can get! European spf are the best protection and I feel so lucky I can just get it in boots! Asian spf has the better texture though with great protection too 🙂 Can't wait to use the Anti Shine in Summer along with the other Anthelios spfs 😀 Won't be using altruist this summer 🙂

  3. Samia Nawsheen says:

    Can you suggest a drugstore sunscreen with the same kind of formula as the Supergoop Unseen sunscreen? I'm tempted to buy this for the texture alone since it's not oily at all but it's not exactly cheap. So I'm looking for alternatives

  4. Irena D says:

    I absolutely agree that spray sunscreens don’t provide enough coverage. However, I think there is time and place for them. For example, when I go on long trail runs, I put cream sunscreen on initially, but throughout the run ‘supplement’ with spray one. Re-applying cream SPF on sweaty skin with dirty hands makes the spray preferable.

  5. Leanne Stevens says:

    Watched the Supergoop review video but didn't see your review of the skin soothing mineral sunscreen with olive polyphenols SPF 40 PA+++. Have you reviewed it in another video?

  6. Lise LaSalle says:

    Thank you for another excellent, informative video. You are a gem! If I use the Cetaphil daily facial moisturizer with spf 20, is that enough daily protection if I reapply throughout the day?

  7. Dianne Weber says:

    I bought the Supergoop CC tinted cream after using Supergoop Everyday Sunscreen with SPF 50 that I had received in a Birch Box, unfortunately the CC tinted cream made my Rosacea flare with itchy red spots but had no reaction to the Everyday Sunscreen, I was so disappointed, I thought I had finally found a CC cream/foundation that I'd not have a reaction to. 🙁

  8. Gina La Perugina NYC says:

    I’ve been using the Supergoop Unseen Suncreen for a while. It’s the only one I can tolerate. I use a 5% Glycolic Acid Toner first then Drunk Elephant C-Firma Vit C (yes, I know how you feel about them), then I use the Cerave Moisturizing Lotion in the 12 oz pump. Finally, despite the price, I apply the Unseen Sunscreen. I do reapply several times a day. I can’t tolerate physical sunscreens. They irritate my eyes & skin where my eyes tear & my face hurts! I’ve ordered the Hada Labo & the Biore Essence Asian sunscreens from Amazon so just waiting for them to arrive! I really hope they work for me and I don’t have to spend so much for a tiny 1.7 oz sunscreen! Thank you for turning me on to the Asian sunscreens! 🙂

  9. Gene Otero says:

    I tried to use the serum and it irritated my skin so badly, probably one of the worst reactions I had.

    So I shaved the night before and when I applied it the next morning after my normal routine, it stung. And then when I washed it off at night with a salicylic acid cleanser, it burned and my skin felt and looked dry and red, especially around the eyes. I normally don't have a problem with chemical sunscreens, but I hated this. Maybe I got a bad batch, but I'm definitely not trying the serum again. I do love Supergoop otherwise, however.

  10. Nicole-Corine says:

    I love Supergoop! I use the oil sunscreen on my hair to keep my died hair safe from the sun (and my scalp). I like their cc cream too. It does darken a bit when it dries. The foam one is nice but pretty expensive.

  11. Lynn C says:

    I have purchased the daily correct, and I really like it. Looks great on my skin, feels good, and doesn’t break my face out….I was wearing it alone without extra sun screen, but now I definitely will make sure to put sun screen under it🌞 thanks Doc!

  12. jama newman says:

    Great video thank you been curious about supergroup but hate buying stuff to not know if I like it although I did have a sample of the everyday sunscreen which I use this morning not thinking it was a chemical sunscreen oh well guess I'll just reapply it on my lunch break at work today LOL man it sucks cuz I really liked it liked how it went on LOL I guess it searched still continues!! 😘

  13. FearlessAstridHofferson says:

    If fragrance has been proven not to mess with your skin can you just use the Supergoop everyday SPF 50 sunscreen? Because I've actually gotten the sample and tried it out and it doesn't make my rosacea any worse it doesn't feel weird and it's it's perfectly under my makeup. Which I don't have to reapply all that much because I do spend a lot of time inside.

  14. Kathy Somers says:

    We have heard Dr. Dray talk about bergamot and other citrus oils cause photosensitivity in skin products… but what you probably haven’t heard is that drinking a lot of earl gray tea (bergamot) or Constant Comment tea (orange oil) before spending time in the sun will cause you to burn quite badly. I’ve lived at the beach all my life and know exactly how much time I can be outside without burning. On one cruise, they only had earl grey tea available in the buffet and I got burned purple.

  15. Aimee Keyserling says:

    I recently purchased the Supergoop defense refresh setting mist as a way to apply sunscreen every few hours to my face over makeup during the day. Could you do a video on how to best apply sunscreen (after applying an initial base) as recommended every 2 hours to the face on days when you’re wearing makeup? I heard using a cushion compact is a good option. Thoughts?

  16. Leonorinspired says:

    Great video Dr. Dray. What do you think of using both a chemical and mineral sunscreen. For example, I use a good mineral sunscreen as a base before I apply makeup. When I need to reapply sunscreen, I use the Biore Aqua Rich Watery Essence. Also, what you think of the new Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water gel sunscreen?

  17. WiseFamin says:

    Been meaning to try out some of the Supergoop sunscreens in my ever-growing search for a decent mineral sunscreen that doesn't leave a white cast on dark skin! Thanks again for a helpful review, especially now that it's getting warmer and the UV index is rising. Speaking of which, have you already done a video or Q&A on summer skin care, specifically focusing on sweating? My face (especially my nose and upper lip) sweat profusely during the summer–so much so that I sometimes get prickly heat. I'm trying to figure out how I can keep reapplying sunscreen when that happens. I know I should after I've probably sweated it off, but should I wash (or at least rinse) my face first? Tips? Question for a future Q&A perhaps? Thanks again for all your helpful tips and reviews!

  18. Isabel Torres says:

    I found my supergoop sunscreen and lip sunscreen gloss both for $7 at TJ max. I had been wanting to try it for way too long so this was the perfect way.
    My boyfriend says what is up with you and sunscreen lmao! I have one in all my bags now thanks to you my mom always told me to use it and I never listened but it's true UVA ( u vill age) UVB (u vill burn )

  19. Melissa C says:

    Loved this video. I just had a vascular laser on my cheeks chin and nose to get rid of a lot of telegastia from NOT applying sunscreen in my younger years. Is there any evidence or studies that RETIN A CAN CAUSE telegastia or broken capillaries?

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