Yeah, I got dramatic with the title. Fight me! LOL. No seriously, I want you to be serious about using sunscreen. And yes my Black folk, we DO need it. Watch as I go through the ins and outs of sunscreen---the ones that won't make you look ashy!

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23 thoughts on “Sunscreen: Yes, Black People Need it + How to Use It + Avoid Flashback

  1. Ana Lou says:

    I don't understand why black people need it. We're dark for a reason. People living on the continent of Africa don't need it. So why do blacks living in the west need it?. Because the white government is convincing you to wear it.

  2. sheenall86 says:

    So you were saying that the higher the number does not mean much about being more protected? Palmers Cocoa Butter has a new sunscreen lotion that I want to try and when I showed it to my dermatologist she said no because the bottle read SPF 30 and she said I needed 50. What's the difference in numbers?

  3. HarryBirdy says:

    Do Africans use sun screen?
    Why does a black women need it but a black man don't?
    Will sun screen give you accelerated aging like white skin? ???????
    How long does it take for White people to get their daily dose of Vitamin D?

    How long does it take for Black people to get their daily dose of Vitamin D?????

    Will the chemicals in Sun screen give you cancer? what are the chemicals in it?
    have they been tested on mice and what happened to those poor mice? tumors???

    If you bleach your skin like many Americans you will have to use sun screen.

    Both bleaching and using sun screen lotions have chemicals that age your skin… the chemicals affect the skin for a thinner saggy appearance!

    In Africa they stay out of the midday sun and cover up. Those that bleach just look good whilst using the bleach but as soon as they stop they look scary!!!!. THATS THE CHEMICAL action.

    i have used glycerin and water on my face for 20 years and love the sun. i'm 55 and have never used sun screen even when in Africa. I look 34 so i'm told
    I was once told by the nearly a street of africans that i'm stupid for sitting directly in the sun at midday. They had all crossed the road to sit in the shade.
    But i was only trying to sooth my mosquito bites in the blazing heat.
    we moved after attracting too much attention. They laughed and said they are from England and have never seen sun!

    Find out what chemicals are in your products, it may make you look good whilst using them but what will happen when they remove that product from the shops!!! you skin will react just like white peoples skin!!!!!! Like white people say "black don't crack" until you smother it in toxic chemicals.

  4. Chris_In_Dallas says:

    This is one uneducated bedwench. Blacks dont need sunscreen you idiot, YOU HAVE MELANIN THATS WHY YOUR SKIN IS DARK ITS NATURAL PROTECTION. Sunscreen was made for WHITE PEOPLE because they have NO MELANIN…so they burn in the sun. Wow

  5. Angie Is the best of the best says:

    Somebody need to shoot this bitch. Read carefully and read well, OUR SKIN AND HAIR WAS MADE FOR THE SUN, I repeat, OUR SKIN AND HAIR WAS MADE FOR THE SUN. There should be no reason for you putting sunscreen on at all, it's not healthy anyway. Why else would you naturally have melanin if you weren't going to need it. We are not snowman we do not melt. The euro clowns took themselves out of their own safe zone, they should have kept their asses in the cold where they belong.

  6. hachiiya says:

    there is literally no reason you aren't breaking millions of views out of the beauty guru's on youtube….the quality of your videos and blog, in both presentation and content, is outstanding!

  7. Tywan Brown says:

    Hi Danni TGIF 😊 I do wear sunscreen but I think I should go up on the #. Question if I wear like a BB cream during the summer that already have sunscreen in it should I apply more when moisturizing my face b4 makeup? I ask this because I was told that the numbers on your sunscreen equal hours, ex: 1 of my BB creams has an SPF of 15 so that means it only protects for an hour an a half right? So in my case I'm definitely not gonna re apply it after that time so should I add extra to my regimen?

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