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Sunscreen: Men it’s not just for Women

blackskinMany men shrug off the notion of using sunscreen by saying that they don’t need it because it’s for women.  If you are among them you should remember that the sun does not differentiate. It causes damage equally to the skin of both men and women. Studies have shown that men are more exposed to sunlight than women. This is because men stay in the sun longer. Women are also very much concerned about the health of their skin in comparison to men and take the necessary precautions to protect it. They use sunscreen most often than men, wear hats and sun glasses and cover their skin but this is not usually the case for men. You will not see many men wearing sunscreen when leaving their homes. Men sometimes use a little sunscreen but that is limited only to beach days and vacations. This does not protect them from the sun damage that they receive on a daily basis. Men also enjoy outdoor activities like soccer and baseball but most of them never use any sun protection as part of their lifestyle habits. Prolonged UV exposure without sunscreen can cause sun burns and even a single sun burn increases the chances of skin cancer by 15%.

 We all know that UV radiations are constantly damaging the skin and men need to step up their sun protection regimen. According to American Academy of Dermatology, Melanoma (a type of skin cancer) is more prominent in men as compared to women. Out of every 5 melanoma patients 3 are men. Melanoma is not the only concern; there are many other skin problems that are related to sun damage.  Sunscreen also helps to reduce skin concerns such as hyperpigmentation in darker skin tones and prevent current spots from becoming darker.

Men who shave regularly should also use sunscreen to protect their skin. Regular shaving renders skin cell weak and it needs some time to recover. In this state if the skin is exposed to sun light, it can cause serious complications like redness and burns. Shaving also renders skin dry and flaky; therefore it needs protection and moisture.  Men who have clean shaved scalp receive maximum sun exposure than any other part of their body. Protecting your scalp is therefore of primary importance.

Men need to be more careful and consider taking the necessary steps to protect themselves from skin cancer and regular sun damage. For men with busy lifestyles, the easiest and most time efficient way of protecting your skin from the sun is using a broad spectrum sunscreen daily whenever you leave your house.  Sunscreen helps to reduce the signs of aging and makes your skin look younger. A broad spectrum sunscreen defends against harmful UV radiations to help prevent discolorations. Daily use of sunscreen protects collagen and elastin cells and helps maintain healthy and great looking skin. Studies have shown that people who use sunscreen daily have much younger looking and smoother skin. Even skin tone increases self-confidence and self-image. People with healthy skin are happier and more confident than people with unhealthy skin.

There is another reluctance to wear sunscreen, especially men with olive and brown skin tones. They believe darker skin tones are naturally protected. But this is not completely true according to dermatologists from all around the world. People of color are also equally affected by UV rays. It is true that they don’t get sun burn easily as compared to their Caucasian counterparts but they are equally under the threat of skin cancer. People with darker skin tones also need to protect their skin from the sun.

To keep your skin looking great, use your broad spectrum sunscreen daily. EXTRASHADE’s Daily Defense Hydrating Sunscreen Lotion SPF30, supported by hydrating properties of hyaluronic acid and powerful antioxidant of pomegranate, moisturizes and softens as it forms a protective layer over your skin. Thanks to that layer and its high vitamin C content, improves your skin’s texture as it provides broad spectrum protection and repairs discoloration.

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