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Some people like marmite, some people hate it. Some people love the smell of sunscreen, some people don’t! (You didn’t actually think we were trying to sell marmite flavoured sunscreen did you!)

As devil’s advocate we can see the nostalgic point of view from the sunscreen scent lovers… A trip down memory lane playing on the beach as a kid, or lying on a sun lounger as a teenager are happy memories, ones that are welcomed by a trigger. In fact, sunscreen has been said to be one of the top triggers of childhood memories of all the scents we experience! People who love the smell of sunscreen love it in small quantities, but the problem is that sunscreen is not just for a few weeks of the year. We should be wearing sunscreen every single day.

And that is why we understand the sun lotion haters! Who wants to smell like a beach holiday every day? Especially when we spend our hard earned cash on beautiful perfumes. This is one of the many reasons why fragrance free sunscreens are becoming more popular. Fragrance free sunscreens wont clash with other fragrances or perfumes you are wearing – making them perfect for everyday use. After all, who wants to go on a brunch date with a women who’s smell reminds the man of his childhood by the beach?!

Another benefit of fragrance free sunscreen is the lack of chemical irritants, meaning the lotion can be used for people with sensitive skin. Some people may get confused as to why their skin is reacting in the sun. Blaming the heat or the sun or even the country you are in usually completely mistaken… it is actually down to the sunscreen. All those fragrances, oils, parabens etc put in the lotions to ‘protect’ your skin actually end up doing more harm than good. If you try to avoid chemicals and harsh ingredients in your daily beauty regime, why should sunscreen be any different?

EXTRASHADE are proud to say that our sunscreen’s are all fragrance free – meaning anyone, even people with sensitive skin, can wear them every day without anyone noticing!

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