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Sunscreen for dark skin / Sunscreen without white residue (FT. Extra Shade)

Sunscreen for dark skin Sunscreen without white residue FT. Extra Shade

Is it hard to rub sunscreen into you dark skin?

Do you think you don’t need sunscreen because you black or dark skin?

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18 thoughts on “Sunscreen for dark skin / Sunscreen without white residue (FT. Extra Shade)

  1. Saheb 000 says:

    Wow ur colour😍

  2. Sariah Lace says:

    Love your look.Hair color,hairstyle,lip color.Thanks for the review hon.I have oily skin too.So I prefer mattifying sun protection for the face.

  3. throw it in the trash that has lost of bad ingredients

  4. Brianda G says:

    Do you have any drugstore favorite they do leave a white cast it's so annoying

  5. How did it perform under makeup as far as does it make your skin oily?

  6. I find it odd that black chicks use sunscreen when they have more shield than us. Blackz are brownier than us but for some people sunscreen ain't necessary.

  7. Omg its so small tho, you have to use a lot of sunscreen and reapply more than once.

  8. Kamini Singh says:

    soo cute looking😊

  9. Nicole A says:

    What is the brand and name once more?

  10. only black women use this, why? y'all are easily fooled.

  11. Lind95 MG says:

    I checked out their website for this sunscreen and I can't believe the price their asking for this stuff, $39.99!!

  12. tulysarah says:

    i didn't even get the name of this brand! what's the brand name of this sunscreen?

  13. bindasbolre says:

    you are very beautiful….but please lose the nose ring

  14. I absolutely love your septum ring, I have mine pierced to and I am trying to find some jewellery like yours. Where is yours from please?

  15. Tessa Rises says:

    since I found out that the sun is the main cause of skin aging I have been using sunscreen everyday. it'd be great to find one that doesn't get oily under makeup! I use the derma e face sunscreen it doesn't get oily but it definitely has a white cast and alters the color of my foundation.. still looking for my holy grail sunscreen

  16. good i needed this my sunscreen is a tragedy i went out all day without realizing white residue all on my neck embarrassing!

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