Sun Protection Tips


  • All individuals with rich complexions should use sunscreen daily
  • Always apply sunscreen 20 minutes before youโ€™re exposed to the sun to allow your skin to absorb the product and create a protective shield.
  • Use sunscreen generously on all exposed skinโ€”face, neck and hands. Apply at least a shot-glass full (about one ounce).
  • Store sunscreen away from the sun and heat to prevent spoiling.
  • Reapply it after vigorous exercise or swimming even if the product is labeled โ€œwater resistantโ€.
  • Take note of expiration dates. If a bottle does not have an expiration date, discard after one year.
  • Sunscreen in foundation wears off after only a couple of hours so itโ€™s best to apply sunscreen separately, under makeup, or in moisturizers.
  • Wear a broad brimmed hat and sunglasses that specify 95% or greater UVR (ultraviolet radiation) absorption. Wear protective, tightly woven clothing.
  • Reapply sunscreen frequently, especially if it is sunny or you are perspiring heavily.
  • Always use a broad-spectrum sunscreen with UVA and UVB coverage and at least a SPF 30 on all exposed skin, including the lips – even on cloudy days. If exposed to water, either through swimming or sweating, a water-resistant sunscreen should be used.

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