Nurturing Your Skin


Brown skin must be nurtured to remain healthy because darker skin is more sensitive to irritations. All pigmented skin is more prone to long-lasting unwanted blemishes. Therefore, one must be very careful to avoid skin care products or topical medications that are more likely to cause dryness and stimulate the production of excessive melanin. Defend your skin daily and avoid products with fragrance, dye, alcohol and lanolin. Sunscreen is a vital part of a skin care regimen for general health and skin cancer prevention and for even skin tone.

%name Nurturing Your Skin

EXTRASHADE Daily Defense Hydrating Lotion SPF 30

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Specially formulatedย for olive to ebonyย skin tones,ย EXTRASHADEย Daily Defense Hydrating Lotionย SPF30ย nourishes dry lifeless skin whileย protecting against UVA & UVBย Rays without leaving a messy white chalky residue!

In effect,ย EXTRASHADEย Daily Defense Hydrating Lotionย SPF30ย exchanged the chalky white residue for an invisible nourishing daily lotion capable of protecting your skin from free radicals, fine lines and dry ashyย skin. This invisible formula is Gentle and Lightweight; perfect as a makeup base yet potent enough toย shield your skin from UVB and UVAย Rays!3 300x300 Nurturing Your Skin

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