How Do I Choose A Sunscreen?


The best way to explain how to choose sunscreen with confidence is to explain to you that for the ingredients that are included are just as important as ingredients that are not included.

We chose active ingredients that stand the least chance of causing irritation and an allergic reaction. We considered the uniqueness of having a higher count of melanin and eliminated ingredients such as fragrance, lanolin, propylene glycol and dye that maybe irritating to your skin. Nobody can be 100% sure of all issues, but we feel we are as close as possible.

We matched these active ingredients with each other to give us theย best blend of SPF and UVA protectionย we could achieve.

We did the exact same process in choosing our inactive ingredients, the base in which the sunscreen rests.

And we then made sure that the sunscreens were not sticky, smelly, or in any other way unpleasant to use.

We did this because we could not find sunscreens which matched all of these criteria which people with rich complexions would be confident using.

Inspect the label on your sunscreen

  1. Is the SPF high enough?
  2. Is there UVA protection?
  3. Are there any questionable ingredients which might cause irritation?
  4. Are there many ingredients which might cause a potential allergic or irritant reaction?

This can be an overwhelming task but hopefully this will help you chose sunscreen with confidence.