Sun Protection for People of Color

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 A tan, whether you get it on the beach, in a bed, or through incidental exposure, is bad news, any way you acquire it by using EXTRASHADE SUNSCREEN which is known for sun protection for people of color.A tanning is also effect when you are on bed, before the age of 35 it increase the risk of melanoma by 75 percent.But today people preffer to use EXTRASHADE SUNSCREEN before going to sleep because EXTRASHADE protect from tanning happens on bed also.EXTRASHADE SUNSCREEN SPF-30  (sun protection factor) is a  sunscreen who prevent UVB from damaging the skin.EXTRASHADE SUNSCREEN FOR PEOPLE OF COLOR has BSM ( Broad-Spectrum Mean) which protect the skin from both UVA and UVB.Everyone has to use sunscreen daily,but many company who sell sunscreen are not trustworthy,but EXTRASHADE SUNSCREEN is a sunscreen which is very popular and best selling sunscreen in USA FOR PEOPLE OF COLOR.every one can use EXTRASHADE SUNCREEN daily because it is very natural sunscreen without any side effect and scientically proven. Buy right now  a high-quality product with an SPF of 30.EXTRASHADE SUNSCREEN having rich ingredients like broad-spectrum protection; and it works better for everyday incidental use or extended outdoor use.Why do some people have dark skin while others have light-coloured skin? The answer lies in the skin's need for protection against solar radiation and the body's need for vitamin D.So here EXTRASHADE SUNSCREEN FOR PEOPLE OF COLOR give a 100% surity skin protection to all kind of skin people.EXTRASHADE SUNSCREEN give a rich complexion to your skin.