I took a stroll with Remi near Waterloo, London. Click CC for subtitles in various languages.

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33 thoughts on “strolling | ep 4 | dark skin girl documentaries, profitable students, rat race capitalism & more

  1. stripedsweater520 says:

    There are people here in America and all around the world that are made fun of for having dark skin (see Brazil, the Philippines, people that are bleaching their skin in African and Asian countries). It's a very real issue here in the states especially, and I think it's important that people not be dismissive of their stories.

  2. EJ Monty says:

    I'm glad she mentioned to tie to patriarchy in the pressure black women have to conform so hard to the afrocentric beauty ideals , while black men can do whatever the hell their heart tells and at the end of they day keep us fighting to protect their precious masculinity.  Meanwhile in the real world black womanhood is devalued constantly and black men take part in it.

  3. Che Applewhaite says:

    'Selfishness is a survival mechanism for capitalism' – Never heard it better said. If we thought like a species, the intelligent species we are, we would not be selfish because that is the easiest path to extinction.

  4. N Camara says:

    Dark skin girl documentaries are no pity party. I think that some black people in effort to be 'normal' part of the crowd try to overlook issues that affect the Black community. Racism is not dead and it affects black people perhaps more than some are willing to admit. Maybe this person does not have a bad experience which would affect her confidence but she should show some understanding for those who do.

  5. evamilana says:

    About too many dark skin documentaries… I don't think they're enough tbh! And I also think that she sounds slightly biased "pity party" due to the fact that in her home she was told to appreciate her colour, which of course is no fault of her own and is ultimately a good thing. However, I don't think its fair to just disregard dark skin issues completely which some girls/guys go through routinely and have to deal with it.

  6. Shamica Alisha says:

    aah girl was saying such good stuff about university being a white middle class value. It's such a shame she obviously has internalised a lot of systemic racism that stops her being able to see that many of these women are reclaiming their identity back from 'whiteness'. Just because she has been told to embrace her dark skin, does not mean that others have. Such a shame she had to contradict herself towards the end…. 🙁

  7. ilovesasukeandleto says:

    had a lecture once during exam period where teacher was like "if you see your friend panicking over revision, ditch them" and people were laughing and nodding their heads in agreement. people are there for jobs and they will stop at nothing to get them. in business fairs the sycophants come out of nowhere. I hat the dog eat dog mentality of uni

  8. GirlsLoveYourCurls says:

    So true about the documentaries. The only ones I have seen have been American. What I've learned is that the American "Dark Skink Girl" experiences is COMPLETELY different to the experience of being dark skinned in the UK. They have a whole other level of slavery baggage, that we don't have to carry. We are mostly only one or two generations removed from where our families originated, so there is a sense of pride of knowing we can claim countries of our very own. Our complexion is also part of that pride. I hope dark girls do not internalize these documentaries, especially dark girls from other countries, because thankfully these aren't really our experiences to claim.

  9. inphanta says:

    What I like about these videos is that they make you think.  I agreed with most of her points.

    Regarding the issue of black women and their hair, I'm done with that.  As a black man, I genuinely think black women look good with their own hair.  That being said, I have not, and do not castigate those who choose to wear weaves or relaxers.  But I do think it's unfair to try and shame those of us who are basically saying "You're fine as you are", as trying to "control black women's choices" and such.

  10. Stephanie Leigh says:

    This may seem silly, but I love how they say say "canerows" as opposed to "cornrows" in the UK. And people, it's "corn ROWS" not "corn ROLLS" as many have grown accustomed to calling them. -__-

    But I suppose it's easy to get it confused if you have no idea how the term originated (i.e. braids against the scalp resembling rows of corn growing in a field).

  11. M CJ says:

    Ah, I was so with her until the last bit. Colorism is a very real thing that harms people. It's fantastic she's never been made to feel badly about her skin, but the prevalence of these documentaries speaks to the fact that many, many, many dark skin women have. 
    Doesn't mean her experience is any less important or real, but I hope she'll try to see others' experience as well.

  12. Medallia says:

    This girl is stupid. Investment banking is not about making white people money. Its about maximizing value for businesses and growing the economy, this is also done by providing funds for small businesses that would have never had access to such fun ..making their dreams comes to life, providing support, . If is not white peoples fault that black people particularly women do not capitalize on this opportunity. Name one brilliant idea a black woman had and then tried to capitalize on using investment banks, venture capitalist, microfinance, etc. I would wait. Look at values of black financial ownerships to white . You multiply 100 by 0 and you have 0 own a little, live a little, be a little more than black 

  13. Northern Light says:

    When I have watched the series only thing that comes to my mind is why there are no intelligent people in the media anymore. The media is full of stupid people doing stupid things. And its not by accident. The elite wants to make people stupid so they can be controlled.

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