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Skin Tone | Black Women | One Word | Cut

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34 thoughts on “Skin Tone | Black Women | One Word | Cut

  1. 629 says:

    You hear in the diapsora because it was set up to be that way- systematic.
    All shades are absolutely stunning and gorgeous.
    When will rise above calling ourselves "black" is the answer. We are so much more than that. We are women
    We are fula, bantu, khoi san,…

  2. Minko says:

    black people need to accept themselves and stop comparing blackness within blackness we are all unique

  3. Tali Diaz says:

    Honestly I needed to see this video because everyday someone puts me down about my skin colour just like "oh ur too white to be black" or like "you don't look black so stop claiming You are" and Ive been getting told this my whole life to the point where I don't like my skin colour anymore and it's not right.
    I want people to accept me for who I am as a person and not what I look like

  4. Suga Boom says:

    Word: Skin Tone

    What I associate it with: its a rainbow 🌈

  5. Gino Nelson says:

    That mixed girl on the thumbnail is so beautiful.
    She looks like Alicia Keys.

  6. Ever since I was a little boy people called me halfbreed , hybrid just because I was born to a white mother and a Arab father because I had light skin a green eyes

  7. pink1237480 says:

    I love my skin I'm black and beautiful, and I'm not going to let colorism dull my light. Nor should any dark or brown skin black woman, glow and keep on glowing.

  8. 0:45 Rachel Dolezal AKA Nkechi Amare Diallo

  9. L Wiggins says:

    “Glow in the dark “ that’s cruel.

  10. but when people don't give mixed people the choice to act or be white and are not exepted by the black community its where do i go. As well i feel that people who are just one race are lucky because you don't have that doubt in the back of your head like am i black or white and it's so confusing because at the end of the day society is going to see me as black so mixed people end up getting treated the same way as black people and belive me when i say this because im mixed race and theres nothing wrong with that but still.

  11. Kitty Red says:

    Lighter skin people don't get treated any better, multiracial or mixed.
    All black people get it on every side.
    We all get abused too because in society they will always see "US" as black even mixed because they made up a 1 drop rule centuries ago.

    The last lady was on point.
    In society if you're not white your a minority which makes our problems MINOR compared to theirs.

  12. The blacker the killer, the sweeter the news.

  13. Ryan B says:

    Dark skin is so underrated. it’s sooooo beautiful. it looks so sleek. especially on an African American baby omg they’re so adorable! darker skin tone is beautiful

  14. YaboyDan says:

    What if WoahVickyy was in here?

  15. Arobed Unam says:

    It's always the dark skin niggas that always got some shit to say

  16. Rob C says:

    I'm confused. So skin discrimination is not acceptable but acceptable within their race?

  17. Hello. White and black are skin tones, not ethnicities.
    If you're mixed but your skin is white, you are white.
    Thank you

  18. Im so sick n tired of dark skin people thinking light skin girls have it easier….smh

  19. us darkskins get it the worst lol

  20. 99 percent of high yellow negroes in America is mixed or have white in there family tree.there nothing speacial over darker African Americans.Now in some parts of Africa.you have real light skinned blacks not mixed with white or any other ethinicity.other words there pure light skinned negroes.light skinned negroes in America mostly come from.The white man rapping african woman for decades in America. I love light skinned woman in America.but dont even think you better than the darker brothers or sisters

  21. Jacob Harris says:

    No melanin, all melanin, ALL MEN ARE FRIENDS

  22. Josh Mendes says:

    They got a whole white bitch on here I’m done with this video.

  23. Mixed people are gradually replacing black people in the media.

  24. shock houser says:

    Aren't we all niggas to the white man and police

  25. Pink Sky says:

    Let’s be honest black people are the most discriminatory amongst themselves when it comes to their own skin tones and I’ve heard numerous blacks admit that.

  26. Maolo Noggi says:

    Please check out the channel LIGHT SKIN TEARS it is a safe space for light skin and biracial people to share their stories everyone is welcome there is no paper bag test

  27. Straight Up says:

    It's funny that y'all choose to get average looking black women, when there's plenty of good looking sisters of here you could've interviewed

  28. Americans and their RIDICULOUS racial BS. I cant really but just laugh at some people. This one drop rule is so idiotic, but people in America still act like it makes sense. Well it doesnt. Also Im just being hones here, but I must say that IMO MOST (not all) West-Africans are not good looking (African-Americans are mostly of West-African heritage so they are included here). East-Africans on the other hand are often good looking. Its the facial features though – has NOTHING to do with hair or skin color. This idea that skin color makes someone ugly or beautiful is idiotic. Dark skin can be beautiful, but these West-African facial features are usually not that good looking, but thats just my opinion. IMO bleaching your skin or wearing weave makes these West-African women look WORSE, not better. Light skin or straight hair does not make you good looking, its all about the facial features.

  29. Kelly Kade says:

    Mixed is not black….
    black ppl have their own experience and mixed ppl do too. Two different experiences. Yes mixed ppl may have more phenotypical black features than other mixed ppl but not black.
    Also Colorism is a serious problem in our community.

  30. Jazzmyne B. says:

    No matter wat skin tone we are we are all a variation of a color🤷🏽‍♀️

  31. light skins would get a pass from me but darkskins im sorry u cant see them at 2:30 at night

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