Hello Everyone,

Welcome back to my channe or if this is your first time eatching me, welcome to you too. In this video, I show you guys how I nnormally do my makeup although it did turn out horribly wrong coz I got the wrong foundation for my skin tone.

Sorry for the voiceover, Google seemed to have edited my video so now it doesnt sound how it it when I had uploaded originally.

Please comment down below if you have the same skin tone and let me know what brands and makeup orducts you use.

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Oh and Merry Xmassss guys lool.

Stay Blessed.

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One thought on “Simple makeup in under 10 minutes for Dark Skin Women

  1. paris yally says:

    Very simple beautiful looks very natural liked! 👍
    Thanks for sharing 💞 +checking out my channel 👍 i appreciate it very much 💟 I subbed back to your channel for support 💟 your welcome 🎄

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