Carmi MUA tries out our BRAND NEW Fast Base Concealers (available in 14 shades!) + shows you the best way to apply them to brighten + contour (Click 'Show More')

Available in 14 shades, £5 each:

0.5 – for fair skin tones with pink undertone
C1 – for fair skin tones yellow undertone
C2 – for fair skin tones with neutral undertone
C3 – for light skin tones with neutral undertone
C4 – for light skin tones with pink undertone
C5 – for light skin tones with golden undertone
C7 – for light/medium skin tones with a neutral undertone
C8.5 – for light/medium skin tones with yellow undertone
C9 – for light/medium skin tones with peach undertone
C11 – for medium/dark skin tones with golden undertone
C12 – for medium/dark with neutral undertone
C13 – for dark skin tones with a warm undertone
C14 – for dark skin tones with cool undertone
C16 – for dark skin tones with a neutral undertone

Please note: Shade 8.5 was not swatched in the video.


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  1. Daniel Boss says:

    Good video might try it at some point although I just can't keep makeup on at the moment with it being hot & sticky I miss it a lot any tips would be welcome 💛💛

  2. Maria Msd says:

    The packaging of these looks quite small. I guess that if it has less coverage than conceal and define, it will last less as well. Conceal and define lasts me about two weeks.
    So will it last about a week, 10 days or something? 🤔🤔

  3. lovemyrainydays says:

    Cool, just got the email about these tonight. They look so much like my fave Maybelline Age Rewind but much cheaper and with more shades!! The age rewind is $19 here and only 6 shades.

  4. Zara says:

    I am a huge Revolution fan, they are my favouite brand… but… (don´t hate me) I think Carmi´s undereyes look better with the other concealer. This one is showing the creases and fine lines more. I have similar undereyes so I don´t know how this will look on me. I will stick pick this up and try it… you never know 🙂 I´m visiting my family in UK next month, so if it´s in superdrug by then I will go and get one instead of ordering online 😀

  5. Maddalena Malavolti says:

    I think the shade range is not completely justified in this video. I get that the concealer doesn't have to be a perfect match because its aim is to brighten under the eyes, but while Carmi can use three or four different shades people with darker skin tones can choose just one or maybe two of them. This is why I am not satisfied with this shade range and think it is completely unbalanced. Although I love other products from Revolution, I think they disappointed a big part of their customers by launching this line of concealers. This is my personal opinion and I don't want to throw any shade on the company or on Carmi.

  6. Lisa Jacquez Beauty Over 50 says:

    Looking forward to the update of how it wears on those no makeup, makeup days. When the weather hears us I like to just put some concealer under my eyes and t zone, a little bronzer on the face and as crease shade and some highlighter on the face and inner corners of my eyes, mascara and done! Love you Carmi and that eye shadow is smashing.

  7. Hayley Smith says:

    You are more and I insist more beautiful than Jeffrey star , without minimizing anyone, you can avoid " mimicking " him because him because as I said you are in my opinion superior , very charming ! God bless💙💚💛💜

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