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Regardless of your skin color. Be a role model

Regardless of your skin color. Be a role model

It is not uncommon to see people who are not happy in their skin because of their skin color. For some reason that may be hard to explain, people have been made to believe that having dark skin is synonymous to being inferior while having fairer skin is synonymous to being superior. A lot of this has to do with the way the media has projected people with dark skin for ages. Whatever the case, there isn’t anything wrong with being black, white or even green as long as the blood is red. What matters is how well you take care of your skin and protect it from UV rays.

It therefore becomes immature to think that it is only people of a particular skin color who can be viewed as role models. In truth whether or not someone is looked upon as a role model has nothing to do with their skin color. When people decide to identify with someone, it’s usually not because of their skin color; it has more to do with qualities that are deep within that person. You’ll never hear anyone say they like this or that actor because they’re dark or because they’re fair. It is mostly because of their performance and skill why people are attracted to them.

While beautiful skin most times will attract attention, this attention will not last if the person lacks character. To be honest when people see photo shopped pictures on magazine covers, they get all excited. There is a difference between healthy skin and dark or fair skin. Your skin could be fair but not healthy. So whether you are dark or white, always have a good skin care regimen that will ensure that your skin looks healthy and beautiful at all times. Remember that the rays of the sun are damaging to the skin and this is true for fair as well as dark skin. Always wear the right sun protection that works with your skin.

As you maintain good eating habits and actively follow a good skin care regimen, you are sure to have beautiful skin in no time. As such when you meet other people and they are impressed with the beauty of your skin, hopefully that will be enough to encourage others to love their skin instead of using bleaching procedures to attempt to look more attractive. In so doing, you’d have succeeded to be a role model to someone without intentionally meaning to be.

If you decide to bleach your skin, it becomes even more important to use proper UV care to maintain the procedure. As you follow a good skin care regime that includes the use of SPF, you’ll be able to inspire those around you to be comfortable in their skin and work hard to make it look its best. It is not about changing skin color, it is more about taking care of your skin in the healthiest way.

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