Protect your child’s rich complexion from UVA/UVB rays

The rays of the sun do a lot of damage to the skin and most of this damage is done during early childhood. Children spend a lot of time playing beneath the sun and during such times, the sun rays are doing their best to modify the skin cells of these children. Just like adults, children will suffer from the damaging effects of the sun but unlike adults children spend more time in the sun playing.

How badly a child gets affected by UV rays depends on the child’s skin tone. Children that are very fair in complexion will get easily affected than those with darker skin tone. Note that this does not mean a child with dark skin tone will not be at risk. Just like adults, there is everything wrong with staying under the sun for long hours without sun protection. However, unlike adults, children will burn easily especially the younger ones. As children stay out in the sun playing with friends, you are very likely to notice sunburn on their bodies. It is usually better to apply sunscreen before they go out but if you can, keep them away from direct sunlight as much as you can.

This is obviously easier said than done as keeping them out of direct sunlight may mean they have to stay indoors. This is something most children would find difficult to understand especially as childhood is the period when they have to play the entire hide and seek games with their friends. If you can get them to stay indoors, you could at least restrict playing hours or if possible build a shed around their playground. An effective strategy to use is to start educating children about the dangers of being in the sun as soon as you think they will understand. Even if they don’t get everything, they’ll grow up knowing it is bad to stay under the sun for long hours.

Childhood is a time when we can define a lot of what happens to us in the future. Since the effects of UV rays on the body are not often immediate, they are often easily ignored. However, the cumulative effect of constant exposure can lead to devastating consequences later in life. For most people that would suffer from UV rays induced disorders in the future, most of the damage started during early life when they were agile and played outdoors with friends.

The sun will not only spoil a child’s complexion it may also lead to more damaging effects to the skin and even eyes. The most any parent can do to protect their child’s beautiful complexion is to make sure they stay out of sunlight as much as possible. This is especially true for babies who’ll be more sensitive to sunlight. The use of proper sunscreen is necessary and where possible wears clothing that reduce the effect of UV rays.

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