Skin can be damaged for various reasons. As this is the part of the body that is exposed mostly to our outer environment, it should be healthy to perform our tasks with efficiency and confidence. People normally ignore the magnitude of UV rays and sometimes overlook the heavy consequences of such dangerous rays. There are mainly two rays that the sunlight contains, the UVA and UVB rays. UVA is responsible for the aging of the skin and depreciates it in the case of overexposure. The UVB rays are responsible for the tanning of the skin, which is considered as a trait of beauty, in reality, it is serious damage to your skin. According to researches, overexposure to UV rays is increasing the risk of skin cancer amongst people who are not adopting precautions or appropriate preventions. One of the prevention from such rays, include sunscreens.

How sunscreens are protecting your skin?

It’s almost unrealistic to avoid the exposure of sunlight to protect our skin. For this, sunscreens are available to provide us the shield from damaging our skin. Skins that have already been damaged (acne fade), should include the UV defense sunscreen into their daily routine. According to experts, a person must use sunscreen with the formula containing SPF 15 and if the exposure is comprised of the whole day then SPF 50 is recommended. You should also consider using oils containing Vitamin E.

Consequences of Skipping the Sunscreen

Outdoors activities expose you to the Ultraviolet sunrays despite being fully dressed. Experts recommend that the sunscreens should be included in the daily habits as it is integral and acts as an agent to safeguard your skin. There are certain environmental reasons to use sunscreen as well. Like the depletion of the Ozone layer that constraints the UVC rays which are more dangerous than UVA or UVB rays. Another reason is skin cancer. Studies have shown that sunscreens prove to be a preventive agent against skin cancer. It's also been proven to protect against brown spots or discoloration.

Dark Skin also needs Protection

People with darker skin types are also required to protect themselves from UV rays. Sunscreens are essential for dark complexion as they are for fair complexion. There have been certain thermal burns being detected amongst people with skin of color. Broad spectrum sunscreen usage is recommended to recover from this damage.


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