Pregnancy and the importance of sunscreen

Pregnancy is a time when most women will suffer from all types of hormonal outbursts, both in behavior and with their skin complexion. Most women are likely to accept all the darkening and outbreak of their skin as a result of their condition and do nothing to help the situation. While it is true that being pregnant may result in some skin conditions, there is every reason for such women to be proactive and take steps towards reducing the effects of such outburst. One way women can do this is by using sunscreen.

Pregnancy is not an illness and women should avoid feeling self pity. Many women will suffer from darkening on the face and while this is caused by hormonal changes in the body, the darkening effect can be reduced if the right sun protection is used. While hormonal changes will cause excess production of melanin on the face, it becomes obvious that the sun has an effect in determining how dark the face becomes. It is easy to notice that women who spend most of their time in direct contact with sunlight will darken more than those who don’t. If the right sunscreen is used, it is possible to reduce this darkening effect.

It is the duty of every individual to take appropriate care of their skin. Although pregnancy last for several months, your skin will still be showing the nasty effects of the pregnancy if the right action is not taken to ensure a supple and beautiful skin through the pregnancy period and beyond. Neglecting the use of sunscreen during pregnancy could lead to scarring that may last long after you deliver your bundle of joy. That is why any pregnant women hoping to maintain their beautiful complexion or even make it look better should include the use of sunscreen in their daily personal care.

Note that the use of sun protection is not limited to whether you are dark skin or fair skin. The sun will work in the same way in all skin types. The only advantage of a dark skin is that the effects of sun burn are not readily obvious but dark skin does burn. Although with dark skin it’s a little harder to tell if the darkness is skin color or sunburn, it will be difficult to miss the poor texture of the skin that will result from exposure to the sun. When skin is left exposed to the sun without any form of sun protection, the damaging effects of the sun becomes noticeable as the skin loses its firmness and begins to sag.

When the right sunscreen is included in a daily regimen, the effects of the sun are easily reduced. No sunburn therefore means that you will maintain your healthy looking complexion. Even in cases where hyperpigmentation occurs, the effects are clearly reduced when sunscreen with the right sun protection factor is used.

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