Pink Valentines Day Makeup Tutorial
Hey guys so today is February 1st which I figured is a perfect time to upload this pretty pink Valentine’s Day Makeup Tutorial. This soft pink Valentine’s Day Makeup is perfect for any valentines occasion, wether it’s a date with that special someone or a night out with the girl!! I hope you guys enjoy this video. Comment down below any video suggestions!!

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Bhcosmetics 1st edition palette
Abh prism palette
Black up Cosmetic’s color palette
Nyx primer
Black opal foundation stick - Beautiful Bronze
Airspun loose face powder
Black radiance contour kit in deep
ABH glow kit - dripping in gold
Burt’s bees lipgloss - blush

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31 thoughts on “Pink Champagne Makeup Tutorial | Dark Skin

  1. Laquitta Graves says:

    That pink look is good on you👏🏿👍🏿👄💟
    Love the fact you used minimal amount of eyeshadow, let alone makeup in general 2 achieve that beautiful look. Kudos👌🏿👌🏿💛

  2. LadyBella says:

    Where are the song remixes from in the video? Love the makeup look! So glad I found you. Your complexion is very close to mine so it helps me to see which colors will likely look good on me too 🤗

  3. CLAWZGALAW says:

    I don’t usually subscribe to people but I fricking LOVE your videos!!!! They are actual TUTORIALS …. not like some obnoxious girl who just wants to be SEEN while doing her makeup (like A LOT of these new youtubers)! You get to the point. Very easy to follow. You do “smart makeup” and you actually have helpful tips …. best of all, you’re about the MAKEUP!!! It’s not all about the “attention” … you remind me of Alissa Ashley …. not look or personality wise but the ease, calmness and the humbleness of your videos! Just real chill! Absolutely LOVE IT!!! Looking forward to more looks!!! Much success to you! (You deserve it!)🙌🏾

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