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Perfect Sunscreen for Darker Skin Tones

To survive the heat and the sun, it is essential that you have a face sunscreen that provides you all round protection. For darker skin tones, it is imperative that your sunscreen contains the element of SPF. The presence of Melanin is greater in darker skin tones but its presence does not mean that darker skin tones are immune to skin damage caused by the sun. Excessive production of Melanin can cause dryness and itching which is not a healthy sign for your skin.
All skin tones are vulnerable!

According to Dermatologists, all skin types are vulnerable to the sun and UV rays have the ability to penetrate even the darkest of skin tones. Even though there are less chance of that happening, but people with darker tones can also get sunburned. The redness may be less but the skin can feel extremely hot, painful and tight, all indications of sunburn. In such cases, it is important you use the right sunscreen for dark skin.

Regardless of the shade of your skin tone, EXTRASHADE is the right sunscreen for dark skin. Dermatologists recommend a sunscreen with an SPF 30 or higher that ensures maximum protection from the sun. EXTRASHADE contains SPF 30 with broad spectrum coverage and does not include any zinc or titanium oxide elements which could be harmful for the skin.

Dangers of Not Using Sunscreen
Constantly being exposed to the sun can cause rapid ageing which can make you look older than your actual age. The skin becomes lose, saggy and vulnerable to scarring which is why it is not advised to go out without applying a sunscreen for dark skin.
When choosing the face sunscreen, it is ideal that you choose a product that does not contain elements of irritation. Certain ingredients can often trigger irritation and rash. Similarly, do not opt for a sunscreen that has a greater element of fragrance, propylene glycol or lanolin.

How to Use Sunscreen
Sunscreen is similar to any other skin care product that you regularly use. Instead of applying a large blob, put dots on your face directly and then massage your face. If it makes your skin dry, you can follow up with a light application of a moisturizer to prevent dryness.
Why choose EXTRASHADE?

EXTRASHADE sunscreen is created according to a deep understanding of the darker skin tones and skin sensitivity. It contains a good blend of both UVB and UVA protection which makes it the best face sunscreen for sensitive skin. It is understood that darker skin tones require extra care in terms of irritation because they are more prone to rashes and itches. The scars are difficult to get rid of once they become prominent on darker skin tones. Hence, it is advised that you get yourself the best face sunscreen for sensitive skin with SPF 30 and enjoy your time under the sun!

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