heyyy! Today's video we'll be diving in and testing out the new Alissa Ashley x NYX Can't Stop Won't Stop Foundation an Matte Primer! This is an IN DEPTH review at the product, concept, new shades, and includes a wear test. IF you do not like thorough reviews this ain't the channel for you HENNY! Enjoy!

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NYX Can't Stop Won't Stop Primer + Foundation http://bit.ly/2vVecRO
Primer http://bit.ly/2LbIggC


Too Faced Born This Way Foundation (my shade is Chai) https://www.toofaced.com/jackie

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47 thoughts on “OK Is THAT What We Doing Now?! Alissa Ashley x NYX Can't Stop Won't Stop! | Jackie Aina

  1. Jackie Aina says:

    no shade, but this is not the time or the place to bog down this accomplishment with "but what about fair skin"….dark skin people have been maliciously and strategically, AND purposely left of beauty (not just foundations, just very little visibility in so many ways, too many to name here) so please do not try to compare the struggle of not finding a light enough foundation to the struggle of darker skinned people. It is not the same struggle and it never will be. IF you genuinely have an issue with the lack of lighter shades I would recommend expressing your concerns directly to the brand or creating your own platform just like I did. Because until it became a trend, people with lighter skin sure as hell were not speaking up for us for years. Enough is enough, and I will not allow people to try to steal MORE shine from people who have been overlooked for years. Not today and not on this platform. tis all!


  2. rrinismystarbucksname says:

    I am very happy with the shade range, but I do think that they could have gone a few shades lighter, I usually cannot find my shade in drugstore foundations and concealers so I would appreciate even one lighter shade, love you jackie❤️

  3. Meraki Enthusiast says:

    I watched this last year just because I love watching jacky tutorial/reviews. But I just bought this foundation yesterday (2019) and was like auntie Jackie had to refresh my memory. Can’t just trust the NYX lady in the store.

  4. pre o says:

    A lot of the comments in here want to talk about their struggles as a pale person finding foundation but sis why should we care? We are trying to celebrate our struggles being heard and you want us black women to fix your struggles too. You only listened to us when we started calling some if y'all out for your bigotted behavior. Please create a platform for yourselves and get in line. (I would also like to thank our allies under here supporting us)

  5. Daniel Nelson says:

    I found this foundation at my local walmart but they dont offer testers so i cant find my shade. Also we have no beauty supply store and the closest one is one town away. But other then the Nyx Cant Stop Wont Stop Foundation, what other drugstore foudations are really good but not too matte.

  6. whathappensafterhalflight says:

    People are bitching about white skin?? Bruh pipe down, a) we've got plenty of white foundations, let people of colour have a damn opinion, b) I bought this foundation and its not the perfect undertone for me but I love it so much it looks so good on my skin and I don't even care its a little yellow because its workable and WORTH IT. Honestly just highfives for alissa and nyx

  7. alexa says:

    i'm half hispanic, half caucasian. Despite my hispanic side, i am very light and ivory. I've always had issues finding my shade, solely because my undertones are so weird and everything appears yellow-orange on me. However, this foundation had a perfect match for me! (shade light ivory) I have combo skin and it didn't break down in my oily spots, and didn't dry me out in my dry spots. It's honestly one of the best foundations I've ever used, and it's by far the best match I've ever had. 10/10 would recommend!

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