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Oily Skin Care Methods for Dark Skin


Rich complexion tends to be oilier, so there are different methods to take care of oily skin.

Cleaning – Oily skin needs to be cleaned at least 2 times a day. Wash with cold or lukewarm water with specific soaps for oily skin. Extra oil on dark skin attracts a lot of dust and dirt from the air – so the pores usually have a darker color.

Exfoliation – The scrub is highly recommended for oily skin. This procedure has the function of removing dead cells, accumulated dirt and sebum residue on the skin, making it cleaner and ready to receive moisturizers.

Toning – Toning is a very important addition to cleaning oily skin. Only water, soap and cleansing lotions can not remove any dirt residue from the skin.

The products with which the cleaning is done are slightly alkaline. Thus, the tonic lotion helps to balance the pH of the skin. In addition, the lotion should have low alcohol content. It is known that alcohol is an excellent astringent, but as soon as excess sebum is dissolved, it reappears.

Hydration – When moisturizing, always choose non-oily products that do not cause clogging of the pores of the skin. The products should be in the form of gel, fluid, lotion or serum, preferably without oil in its composition.

Solar protection – Use special moisturizers for oily skin that have broad spectrum protection. In addition to protecting against sun damage, they also help slow down premature aging.

Make up – Before applying makeup to oily skin, it is extremely important that the skin is clean and toned. Use oil-free facial base and use a facial powder to remove excessive shine from the skin. But be careful not to use excess makeup as this can make the skin even greasier.

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