One can never have enough of lipsticks, isn't it? Recently our Fashion & Beauty Director Hesha Chimah shared her Top 5 Red lipsticks that are best suited for Indian Skin Tones. In this video, she shares her Top 5 Nude Lipsticks that are perfect to wear to work, in the day, or even at night when you have a smokey eye going on. Check it out!

Watch: Red Lipsticks For Indian Skin Tone-

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by admin

27 thoughts on “Nude Lipsticks for Indian Skin Tones | Fashion | Pinkvilla | Beauty | Makeup

  1. Punya says:

    Didn't like how the lipsticks were swatched. Theres already lipstick on your lips.. then after applying another lipstick on top, you laugh and i cant for the life of me make out what the shade looks like… there should always be a closeup of lips after you apply a lipstick… and worse…you're doing a pick of your fav lipsticks and you did not even know the name of one of them and on top of that did not list them in the description box… whats the point of the video then ?

  2. Seema Chitre says:

    The shade selection is good, but maybe next time Pinkvilla would want to give more of close shots. Most of them were too far to know even see the shades applied.
    No offense meant just a suggestion.

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