hello my thai hards welcome back we are here with another tutorial !!!
so these are my go to nudes for darskin women. I feel a lot of us struggle with finding great nude lipstick but this video right here is going to help you find the perfect nude!!

if you want to know how
I achieved this make up look check out my foundation routine

have you seen my my grungy smokey eye look ??

and check out my latest thai talk

if your in the Nyc area and you need a make up artist
email me at


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21 thoughts on “Nude Lips Sticks For dark skin women/ women of color

  1. Stephanie T says:

    good video! it's crazy how a simple lip pencil can improve most lip colors. just a little constructive criticism: perhaps you could blend your nose contour a little bit more. it was pretty obvious when you were doing your close ups…anywho keep up the good work ๐Ÿ˜Ž

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