My Version of Obagi-The Kinder, Gentler, Cheaper Way to Anti-Age Your Skin

My Version of Obagi-The Kinder, Gentler, Cheaper Way to Anti-Age Your Skin

Please also see updated skin care routine video September 2011
“Obagi” protocol my way
Rinse face with tepid water-pat dry
Hydroquinone 4%-on hyperpigmentation areas only OR pea size amount all over face mixed with enough aloe gel, glycerin/water or moisturizer to spread over face
AHA of your choice
Moisturizer-I do this before if using physical sunscreen. I do this after if using chemical sunscreen.

Remove makeup
Hydroquinone 4% mixed with pea size amount of tretinoin of your choice

I started originally with once a week-for a week. Moved to every 3 days and eventually tried every other day. Until I added the coconut oil & shea butter urea cream at night I could not ever use this daily. I have now been using this daily since last November. I do only use 3 weeks in a row and then skip the addition of tretinoin for 1 week.

Products mentioned in this video-
Tretinoin-Atralin 0.05%-Prescription required. Most brand name tretinoin products cost around 150.00 a tube but last a long time. Have also used a generic and did not find any real difference. For 18.00 might be worth a try to see how it works for your skin. I have ordered from this site many times in the past and they are excellent although shipping times are often at least 2 weeks. Some studies have shown that tretinoin at the lower % of 0.025% is just as effective but with less irritation and redness. ships everywhere & does not require a script. I also purchase the glaucoma medication known as LUMIGAN (bimatoprost) from this site which is the same exact active ingredient in LATISSE.
You will have to purchase a tretinoin product seperately as it is not included in the Obagi system.

Hydroquinone 4%-any generic-requires a script-20.00

Sibu-Cleanse & Detox Seabuckthorn Face & Body Bar 5.00

Resist Optimal Results Hydrating Cleanser-6.7oz-15.95
Skin Recovery Moisturizer-2oz-18.95
Skin Recovery Toner-6oz-15.95
Resist Cellular Defense Daily Moisturizer-spf 25-2oz-24.95

Aim 2 Health Skin Solutions Face & Neck Theracream- with 10% oz-19.95-The best hand cream you will ever use if you decide you don’t like it for your face.

Boots Botanics Moisturizing Eye oz-13.99

Tropical Traditions Gold Label Organic Virgin Coconut Oil-16oz-19.95 Available at & variety of online retailers.

Shiseido Ultimate Sun Protection Lotion-spf 60-3.3oz-39.00 and a variety of online retailers.

Interview with Dr. Obagi-I think he contradicts himself in his opinion & that he would want us to all buy his “moisturizer”. There are hundreds of good retinol moisturizers on the market that are less expensive than his should you elect to use one.


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