#OKAYSOO I did it, it took a while because I wanted to review the whole launch but I finally did it and the results HAD ME SOO SHOOK. WTF is this MORPHE?

Products Tried
Morphe Fluidity Foundation F5.120
Morphe Fluidity Concealer C3.5 & C4.5
Morphe Finishing Powder 15

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  1. Samira Aziz says:

    Oh gosh Ohema you are so beautiful i am so sorry for the nonsense you had to go through all of this but youre a champ who kept humour and patience throughout. I enjoy your videos very much.

  2. Le Beat says:

    Though I was able to find my shade (F5.20) in this foundation and i love it for my very oily skin, I definitely see how red the shade you tried was. The concealer is way too matte I prefer something creamy. I think Morphe needs to try again with the undertones!

  3. Cake Supply_Lady says:

    Lol damn ohemma. If the dog bites you the first time, its the dogs fault. If he bites you again, its your fault because you knew the dog bit. What the hell are you at it again with that morphe crap??

  4. EC DC says:

    I thought at first so she finessed it really good but then when you pulled your shirt down a little to show the color of your chest we could definitely see that 5.120 is a fail. Your chest is like 2 shades lighter than your face and much more golden than your face. I would definitely like to see you try 5.80.

  5. EC DC says:

    Looking at other the models on the website at first I thought I was 4.40 but then looking at all videos I'm probably somewhere between 4.10 and 4.30. There are no Morphe stores in the DC area as far as I know of so I don't know where I could get samples because I don't want to buy more than one foundation just to figure out which one is the right one.

  6. VivaBella by Xtina says:

    I feel slow, took me a while to figure out u were switching languages 🤦🏾‍♀️ lol. Props to you for doing a bilingual video tho! I hope to be on that level someday lol and do english-spanish videos

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