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As you all know I HATE having to constantly fill in my brows, so I decided to get eyebrow tattoos using a technique called microblading. As a dark skin black woman I was concerned about my abiliy to actually have this procedure look good on me, but yasss. I'm super happy with my results!

I went to the Brow Muse LLC located in Wellelsy MA. Find her HERE: https://www.instagram.com/browmuse/

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44 thoughts on “Microblading Review on Dark Skin Black Woman of Color

  1. charlotte1704 says:

    The blade itself isn’t what’s making the strokes; It has a row of small needles shaped like blades on it, and THAT’s what presses in the ink, creating the brow-looking strokes🙂 Anything that’s tattoo-like has needles on it, because that’s how you apply the ink into- and under the skin🙂 (Person with three medium-sized tattoos over here🙋🏻‍♀️)

  2. JVH312 says:

    Thank you for making this video. I have a consultation with Mila at the end of Feb. It's an absolute coincidence that I came upon your video. Maybe it's a sign I should go for it!!

  3. WhosThatChiick says:

    Can anyone help me ?? It's been about 12 days and the hair strokes have disappeared and it looks like my eyebrows look more like a tattoo and all powdery even though she did microblading and it looked good the first day

  4. Diane None says:

    Hi, my question is this! After I got this procedure 2 times, I still have sparse brows! I need to know why it looks grey after the scabs comes off. I need to know do you think I am getting "RIPPED". Please advise.

  5. Shedonista Shamanatrix says:

    I LOVE your openness, personality, natural beauty and your hair before was sooooo cute! Don't get me wrong, it looks gorgeous now too, I just love the personality of your short natural hair! New sub for sure! Oh, and eyebrows on POINT, Miss Lady, I love micro blading.💕 Much Love💕

  6. TheHappy Empath says:

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  7. Asia Renee' says:

    How can I get mines done? I was born with extremely short eyebrows and I an tired of investing in eyebrow pencils and breaking out due to the manufactures changing their ingredients. Do you know anyone that is as good as you that's located in Michigan? How much is it normally to get eyebrows tattooed and how often do you do have to them done?

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