In this makeup for older women tutorial, Ariane and I discuss how to deal with lines and wrinkles around the mouth.

Professional makeup artist, Ariane Poole, and I discuss how to deal with wrinkles around the mouth. Enjoy the Show!

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23 thoughts on “Makeup for Older Women: Dealing with Lines and Wrinkles Around Your Mouth

  1. Patricia Damewood says:

    Too much unnecessary chit chat and interrupting each other, it distracts from the info presented. It would be better received, by me anyway, if there were only the presenter, only one person in the video.

  2. Christine J says:

    I am not yet 60 but I get creasing in my laugh lines 😥 it bothers me so bad. and I have premature wrinkles from health issues,,; my skin isn't as great as it was. I've always been one to try to look my best and this has affected my self confidence. But you two ladies look great and these tips are great! ty💖

  3. ssreltd111 says:

    What kind of eye cream are you referring to? The anti wrinkle, stuff with retinal or a special cosmetic cream? Also is the pen a concealer? Thanks for your response.

  4. Nola A says:

    All my life I was so proud of not smoking, but I was drinking from a straw. So now I have wrinkles around my lips anyway. Gonna begin using eye cream around my lips tonight. Thanks Ariane and Margaret.

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