Mac Makeup | Nude Makeup | DIY | Khoobsurati Studio

Mac Makeup | Nude Makeup | DIY | Khoobsurati Studio

Our beauty expert Gunjan Gaur does this nude make up with a zing. All the products are used from MAC and the color pink is used to give skin a healthier touch. Follow the video to unfold this mac make up/nude look.

For this nude make up, We have used all the products from Mac.

First of all choose a base according to your occasion. Since this is a nude make up so we are choosing a very subtle base from Mac. Mac foundations are available in yellow and pink tone. They also have NW and NC โ€“series of foundation. Go to the store and choose a foundation that completely matches with your skin tone. The basic principle of the foundation is to apply and blend. The more you blend the more natural look it gives. The application of foundation can be done with the help of sponge, brush or with the help of fingers also. Choose whatever you are comfortable with and start applying.
Also remember when you apply foundation on face donโ€™t forget the neck. It is very, very important not to miss this part or else the color difference is clearly visible.
Once your foundation is done settle this with the help of powder from Mac only.
Simply pat the powder on your face.
For blusher, as we are going to nude makeup so we are going for very subtle pink.The whole makeup is done using light pink so that the skin looks healthier.
How and where to apply blush, there is a simple trick. Just Smile and look into the mirror and the raised area, The apple of your Cheek is the area where you apply blush.
Now the proper way to apply blush is to take the blush on brush, blow away the extra and then apply this on your cheek bones.
Now for the eyes, we have used a professional pallet of mac in the video. Has got amazing color collection. The colors used in this video are available in pigments also. You can simply buy pigment of the single color from the store.
The color chosen for the eyes here is a combination of light pink and also a zing of green.
To highlight it a little we will be adding a dash of yellow also.
This color gives a summery look to the makeup.
Add a few drops of water to the Mac eye shadow and roll your brush, so that you get an eyeliner. So instead of black liner use this liner with the green shade. A dash of mascara and a dash of kohl.

Now for the lips:
Take Mac pallet select the lightest shade of pink you want to use.
If you are not very good with applying lipstick. You can take a lip liner from Mac matching with lipstick, Make the shape of lips and then fill it with lip color. Now a little yellow from the pallet and add it to highlight your collar bone.

And you are ready with nude mac make up.


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