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Products used

-Sleek 'Exagerrate' with Current MAC lip pencil
-MAC 'Up the Amp' with NYX 'Purple' Lip Pencil
- BlackUp- M20 with NYX 'Bloom' Lip Pencil
-MAC Candy Yum Yum- MAC 'Magenta' Lip Pencil

-MAC Fanfare- with Sleek 'Soft Brown' Lip Pencil

- MAC Russian Red with NYX 'Plum' Lip Pencil

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47 thoughts on “Lipstick Mistakes WOC (dark skinned women) can avoid!

  1. Teyoncé Knowles says:

    I️ absolutely fell in love with you when you said people tell dark girls we can’t wear pink lips. I️ only wear pink because I️ execute CUTE!! Using a lip liner it’s achievable and I️ love you for expressing that in your channel. I️ went to nyx and the employee embarrassed me saying who is this for … no that’s way to light. I️ literally had yo show his cute videos of me.

  2. v mq says:

    Omg I needed this I purchased candy yum yum 4 years ago and never wore it because I'm dark skin. I lined it with heroine from Mac and now it can be worn everyday! I purchased pink penguin too and said omg I can't wear it. I lined it with heroine and this too can be worn everyday! Thank you

  3. Banana Milk says:

    my mother told me because I was dark skin that I could wear those white women shades when it came to makeup…. so every time I enter a makeup store I only aimed for the browns and dark shades…I dont have to do that anymooooore ( • ヮ •)

  4. Idea Smith says:

    Hey, how about a video on bold/dramatic lip colours like grey, blue and green for WOC? I bought an LA girl grey and Nyx Pistachio recently and I've been having a lot of fun shocking people with them. I'm brown (Indian) so a lot of your tips work for me too.

  5. E Bustle says:

    I know this question seems very broad, but I have dark gums that show when I smile. What colors should I aim for to avoid the insane contrast pinks cause? Thanks in advance if you have any tips!!!

  6. Kikkima Cutie Chan says:

    For a long time I never understood why I experienced this problem with colors such as purple and pinks. I usually like to wear bold and unique colors when it comes to makeup, but because I faced these problem I felt insecure and avoid trying them! Thank you for this video! 😊

    Also, by any chance do you have advice about wearing black lipstick?

  7. Okayyy Chweee says:

    I use a maroon lip liner & do ombre lips using the pink only in the middle. That's only bc I got a bright pink matte lipstick (idk why, I knew it wouldn't look good on me 😂) but instead of letting it go to waste I found a wear to wear it without looking crazy

  8. Stephanr Stevens says:

    Firstly, you are slaying those braids. You use the terminology"Dark skin", I appreciate the fact that you are speaking directly to your audience, {and but "sista" girl, you would be a dime, in any shade/complexion. I'd bet even lighter complexion ladies could learn from your boss tutorials. Unlike some of us sista, when I see beauty like yours, I must take the time to give credit where credit is due. I don't know you personally, but your beauty within, over powers your outward beauty, so go on with your bad self👍 I 👀 see you! And because of your youth, GOD is not through with you yet. Now let that bake! 🙌 I really truly appreciate your tutorials. May God bless and heaven smile upon you.

  9. Tara Valcimond says:

    You have saved my life. I am one of those people scared of light colors, and we are the same skin tone. I just said in Jackie Aina post on nudes for WOC that I was weary of the peach tones. Seeing your vid gives me more confidence to try them out with the pencils.

  10. Elise Bryant says:

    I am not a woman of color; however, I want to learn to do makeup on women with skin tones different than my own. So far, you are my absolute FAVORITE YouTube makeup guru for accomplishing that goal. You are absolutely STUNNING and I love how relatable and easy to understand you make everything. Thank you so much for what you do! I have literally watched 6-10 of your videos tonight, and I ain't done yet!

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