a fan comments on how i opened the door for other people to talk about dark skin on the internet and TV but they refuse to admit it


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DARK SKIN TV rashida strober Plagiarism is real. I don't care who talks about their dark skin colorism. But, they ALL SHOULD DO THE RIGHT THING AND GIVE RASHIDA HER CREDIT. IT'S ONLY RIGHT. I had never heard of this period UNTIL YOU.
I got you sis. I still want to purchase my books, and I'm gonna donate to the cause because I'm tired of these people shitting on your accomplishments, and not acknowledging that you created this lane, and opened the doorway for all of these folks to have the fan base that they are enjoying BECAUSE OF YOU. THEY DID NOT GET THREATENED, CURSED OUT, OR MOCKED. But, they ALL have the actual temerity to sit up here and act like they came up with this, instead of acknowledging that you inspired them."

Rashida Strober..the only dark skin woman in history to create a movement for only dark skin in 1998.I had close to 300 videos up starting from 2009 but took them down once realizing people on youtube were stealing from me.

I brought dark skin to the internet and to social media with my creation of dark skin activism and calling myself the dark skin activist. I coined the words "dark skin activist: and I coined the words "dark skin activism. I created dark skin activism way back in 1998 at St Pete College in St Pete Florida, For years everyone told me how dumb dark skin activism was and not to focus on dark skin. NO ONE and do mean NO ONE gave three fucks about dark skin but I kept pushing. I developed dark skin actvsim thorough my books only dark skin and my plays and commentary on only dark skin. No one else has ever done this mind you. I have been on mainstream white TV and in papers speaking only on dark skin.

I am the only dark skin woman in history to create a movement for only dark skin. In 2009 I brought dark skin activism to the internet which no one had heard of or cared about doing before, In 2014 Tommy Soto mayor contacted me because he has seen some of my work. I went on his show and dark skin activism and the dark skin activist was introduced to black social media. In 2015 dark skin activism and the dark skin activist Rashida Strober went viral due to my commentary on the rapper Kendrick Lamar. and his light skin fiance. I did not do this on purpose. This happened as a result of me counseling a dark skin young lady for over a year which i have been doing for a long time as apart of the work of dark skin activism started back in 1998. On that particular day this young lady contacted me and asked me to comment on Kendrick Lamar and his new fiance and so I did. I had created this type of commentary from my years of work as the dark skin activist.

The Facebook post went viral spreading to millions all over the world on black social media. Everyone said what the hell is a dark skin activist and laughed at me for calling myself the dark skin activist. The Breakfast Club gave me Donkey of the day and talked shit about me. The blogs and so many black you tubers both big names and small names made videos on me bashing me for being the dark skin activist. I received 5 plus death threats...

That was in 2015 and because I created dark skin activism in 1998 I continued the REAL WORK but now others all over the internet and even TV have ripped off my ideas about dark skin and never gave me one bit of credit even though I am the person that made others speak on dark skin and brought the subject to social media. I see other women get attention just for being dark skin when not one of these people even cared to speak on it nor did they take real hits for dark skin when I have been CONSISTENTLY in my community for years working as the dark skin activist.

No dark skin woman came to my rescue when I was getting attacked for speaking on Kendrick Lamar. This hurt me deeply because the very women I created the movement for would not even defend me yet are now ripping off my work and ideas about dark skin . In fact, I had dark skin women apart of the death threats. Now in 2018 we see dark skin women talking about being dark skin and have not taken bit of hits for speaking out on it.

It breaks my heart to no end how people steal my work and ideas but called me crazy and how I could have lost my life yet I look up and see no one paying homage to the person that started it all in regards to the dark skin conversation on the internet and social media.


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