LIGHT skin & DARK skin women plagiarizing the dark skin activist Rashida Strober

LIGHT skin & DARK skin women plagiarizing the dark skin activist Rashida Strober

People called me crazy for calling my self the dark skin activist and creating the science of dark skin activism. The breakfast club made me Donkey of the day for speaking out on the darkism exhibited by Kendrick Lamar. I even received death threats and continue to get them to this day. I took and continue to take the real hits for dark skin since 1998 way before the internet. No one cared to speak on dark skin before they saw me do so and force the issue. Now in 2018 black people, particularly black women all over YouTube and otherwise have done nothing but rip off my work based upon my intellectual copy-written property. I had to take down close to 300 videos based on my intellectual property due to black women on you-tube stealing, plagiarizing and ripping off my original content created in 1998 which is well before YouTube. THE WORLD WILL KNOW ABOUT THIS THEFT . These thieves will be exposed and will not win the long term war! Be warned legal action is being taken as this theft will soon stop! I created the very lane on dark skin yet I am being disrespected by people all over youtube and the world who do not care about dark skin because they have no track record before social media as I clearly do based on pure evidence, receipts that are there on the internet way before youtube was created .

Yours truly, the one and only original dark skin activist doing it since 1998, creating the very lane to speak on dark skin…Im disgusted with these internet thieves but i will win the war because originals always do.


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