21 thoughts on “La Roche Posay Anthelios sunscreen review

  1. zara Jalloul says:

    I have found that the sunscreen actually makes my face look a lot more smoother but I do believe it isn’t such a strong sunscreen more like a coverage if that makes sense

  2. hai says:

    Try the Dr. Oracle A-Thera Sunblock SPF 50. I like this one but that one is much better 🙂 plus it helps in uneven skintone and calming the skin from sun damage (has centella asiatica).

  3. Zeyna Nd says:

    My dermatologist said there is hardly any difference between spf 30 and 50 because spf 30 protects the skin for 96% and spf50 for 98%. However an spf15 hardly protects so that is a big difference

  4. HK says:

    Avobenzone is only a health threat if it isn’t stabilized properly. If you read the ingredient list, you cant tell this have enough stabilizers that this will be a non issue

  5. Emis Paz says:

    Hi my friend, im from Mexico. Actually im using this product fps 50 my problem is dermatogolical. My checks are red but at the same time i feel like if it burns, some time ago, i went to celebrate Christmas in a town much much colder then suddenly my checks were burnt because of the cold weather… It dissapeared in a couple of days….but nowadays the problem started again my checks look red! 😳 when im outiside my checks look a bit burnt, my doctor recommended me to use this product coz it also was provocated by the sun exposure. He is checking me monthly. So… I wanna know how much time is the process the checks look less red. I have 2 moths using

  6. Winter City says:

    there is no extra* protection for spf50 or spf100. its just that it offers protection for longer periods i.e u need to reapply it as often. spf15=30min protection. spf30=60min. spf50=1.45min protection. avoid chemical sunscreen = this shit gets in your bloodstream within 11sec. u wont get cancer from tanning unless u burn yourself into roasr on a daily basis for years. however, chemicals in your sunscreen can promote them instead! avoid-avoid.

  7. Barking Spider says:

    This company works on bad faith. Yes this is a great product but they tell you to use it generously and every two hours. With this size bottle you will have toOk 130 bucks a month for sunscreen. 🙄

    Also go on their website and look how they price their products. They will price a product at $39.99 and then say any order over 40 gets a discount. That type of selling isn't smart it's just douchey. #scumbags

  8. Rah rah says:

    hey! I've read that chemical sunscreens prevent sun damage related to aging however not from tanning (or any pigmentation issues). The two physical sunscreens I recommend are 1) the Algenist Ultra Lightweight Defense Fluid spf50; it has a slight white cast that goes away with rubbing, though it definitely mattifies the face and looks like a non-greasy film over the skin. and 2) the Josie Maran Argan Oil spf47; it is an oil which completely dissolves any white tint however it takes some time to absorb and gives me a glowy look all day. I alternate between the two depending on what kind of finish I want. I really wish chemical sunscreens were more effective when it comes to tanning because otherwise I would have so many more options and no white-mask to deal with, but physical sunscreens provide better benefits imo.

    If you are still a firm believer of chemical sunscreens, the Biore UV Aqua sunscreen is hands down the BEST. ever. the best. You can get it on amazon 🙂

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