♡ Hey guys! So we all know what we see is not always what we get especially when purchasing makeup! Most of the women featured on the Kylie cosmetics page have fair-medium skin tones, so I found it hard to envision what these colours would look like on me (someone with a deeper skin tone)!
So I've decided do a review and some colour swatches for any ladies wondering the same.
Hope this helps !!!

♡ Kylie Lip Kits in Candy K, Dolce K, & True Brown K http://www.lipkitbykylie.com $29 US

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by admin

30 thoughts on “KYLIE LIP KIT REVIEW / Swatching for Deeper Skintones | Moore Beauty Makeup

  1. Summer〈3 says:

    i made the mistake of getting exposed and it looks like i legit have foundation in my lips xD thank god i l have a couple friends who are lighter then me and one of them are going to buy it off of me C:

  2. TheNessa says:

    I got my order two days ago and I think they changed the packaging because it does not have the "drops" running down decoration thing on the outside its just black. On the inside it looks the same and I like it because it's more discreet, I don't want my ish getting stolen. Ya feel me.

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