Juvia's Place EXPOSED Magic Palette


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28 thoughts on “Juvia's Place EXPOSED Magic Palette cosmetics

  1. veggochan says:

    I'm happy you discussed this just when I was contemplating on buying one or two of their pallettes. I guess I'll be better off buying only the magic palette or the first 2. Hmmm. At least not all three, you clocked it the house!

  2. Octobertiger says:


    Juvia's place is a complete GARBAGE company!!! Absolutely no care for their customers !!! I'm only here to watch your video but I definitely will NOT support them !!! I've ordered from them several times the last order I purchased with AFTERPAY. Even though the right address was on the package Fedex dropped the ball and delivered my package to the wrong address. FedEx told me they would pay for the package, but Juvia's Place as the SENDER had to file the claim. Juvias place told me they were NOT going to file a claim on my behalf, even though fedex told them they would give them the money. I have the receipts, I even have FedEx voicemail telling me they will pay for it!! Juvia's Place is just complete GARBAGE as a company with absolutely no customer service skills !!! BUYER BEWARE !!"

  3. Caroline Miller says:

    I’ve heard so much about this brand. I decided to treat myself as a birthday gift to me, and headed towards my nearest Ulta to claim this gem. I finally purchased the Nubian eyeshadow pallet today. Then…I came across THIS video 😧. First time watcher of this channel. I’m happy I only bought ONE pallet. Apparently I don’t need the others. Thank you for this video. It is much appreciated. PS. I didn’t bother with their brushes as Morphe’s M504 is my new favorite. I HAD to get another one.

  4. Jessica M says:

    A lot of brands do this, it’s not new but I feel like they should stop and I also feel like most people really need to be more observant when it comes to the colors because this is how they really get you especially with their packaging and their color spectrums. That’s marketing and capitalism for you 🤷🏻‍♀️

  5. Neicey Johnson says:

    Not sure it's a big deal to me. I wouldn't buy every pellet anyways. A other brands do the same thing. Not saying to call em out, but saying its normal.. Most people don't buy every palette.. Most people diversify across brands. So I actually like that some of the shades are in multiple palettes because maybe I like shades across palletes but pick the one where I like most colors. Vs. Buying 3 pallet6to get the colors I want..

  6. Karen Miranda says:

    It’s hard to take serious an overweight grown up guessing gay MAN with a toy crown and make up as if a two year old would’ve done it even if he’s warning you that the zombie 🧟‍♀️ apocalypse had begun…. ahhh! I can’t 😏

  7. Tre Fires says:

    Since most men are somewhat color blind, I would follow his opinion to much. One was the same, the rest were a shade off or two. Most of these people that hate on Juvia is because she really doesn't do the long P.R list and send influencers free shit.

  8. klaud hennessy says:

    Juvias place are amazing eyeshadows. They compare to my high end palettes. Morphe is absolute trash. If anyone wants to try great palettes on a budget I recommend juvias place 100%. They’re amazing. I legitimately have every single palette and toss the morphe palettes I had in the trash where they belong. I don’t know what she is talking about? You’re tripping weii

  9. Aileen Hughes says:

    I will say a few years ago I watched Nikkietutorials use the Nubian palette(green packaging) and I loved the colors so I went to the website and ordered one bc the price was good and I was totally satisfied and today I own 4 palettes and again I am pleased with all!

  10. Melina District says:

    I understand the palette in which it had 4 similar palettes but when she complained abt the other palettes having just 1 similar color is unreasonable. Alot of companies do this and I actually like that and I tell u why….some ppl might O.D. when they like a brand and get the whole collection but that's just overkill and a waste of money in my opinion. I like make up but I dont where it every single day to invest so much money into it yet I like to get good quality/ high pigmented shadows. Having similar shadows in different palettes gives you the option of choosing a cheaper palette or another palette with more of the colors you prefer but that has that color you wanted from the other palette that might had too many colors you didn't care for..

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