Indian beauty traditions

867646 64893648 300x207 Indian beauty traditionsIndian beauty traditions have many takers not just in India but overseas too. It is not just yoga that is making waves internationally. People are appreciating and enjoying India’s age-old methods of grooming which are natural, and many are rooted in Ayurveda, an ancient system of medicine.

Hair removal methods like threading are a great alternative to waxing especially if you need to remove facial hair. It is not as harsh as waxing which can harm the delicate facial skin and as the thread pulls out the hair from the root, there is no possibility of ingrown hair.

Gaining popularity are herbs and other natural ingredients that promise clear, smooth, radiant skin. Often used in pre-wedding rituals to beautify the bride, the benefits of turmeric paste and sandalwood paste are well-known in India. While they are commonplace in India, they are sought-after exotic treats in spas.

Another grooming ritual Indians love to indulge in is hot oil massages for the hair and body. These relaxing massages using oils like coconut and sesame relieve stress and soften skin and hair. They are often washed off with gram flour paste that exfoliates the skin, leaving it bright and luminous.

These time-honored beauty rituals are a great way to look and feel beautiful!

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