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For todays makeup and mindset I wanna talk about my experience with fillers, pretty privilege and my insecurities about getting older! I’ve been afraid to talk about this for awhile, but I thought it was an important conversation to have for anyone who might be considering! I'm also using all affordable/drugstore makeup to achieve this look, Ive listed the products below!

Let me know down below what your thoughts are! I LOVE YOU!!! XX Cyd

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Black Radiance Eye Base - Naked Eye
Wet N Wild Eyeshadow Trio - Jade
Bold Face Makeup Lashes
Black Radiance Foundation Stick - Cashmere, Espresso
Black Radiance Soft Focus Powder - Creamy Bronze Finish
LA Girl Contour Powder - Deep
Nyx Highlight - Synthetica
LA Girl Strobe Powder - 04 Watt
LA Girl Blush - Just Love
LA Girl Lip Pencil - Chocolate

HAIR DETAILS - https://youtu.be/sRnFaotzFm4

↣ Camera – Lumix GH4
↣ Editing – Final Cut Pro X

↣ Are your eyes real?
Yes, they are naturally blue, with brown spots.

↣ What is your race/ethnicity?
I am African American/Black

↣ What is your Foundation color?
In MAC foundation I wear NW45 or NC50.
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33 thoughts on “I Ruined My Face, Pretty Privilege, Insecurities | Makeup & Mindset

  1. Odrine N'semi says:

    I feel so sorry for our youth nowadays. Young people feel SOOO insecure and aren't happy or don't feel good in their skin. It's so sad !! You are too young to feel like this, you are too young to feel that insecure.. Like how? Like why? I don't understand, so sad .

  2. FatBabyCheeks says:

    The problem with aging is an AMERICAN PHENOMENON!!! Why? Because we are a CONSUMERISTIC society. It is the job of BIG BUSINESS to make you feel like you are lacking in something so they can sell you something else. If you look at European actresses/actors…they actually allow themselves to age naturally with wrinkles and everrthang. And are CELEBRATED for it. Youth, in America, is a marketable commodity shoved down our throats so we are compelled to spend our $$ trying to look like something we never will look like. When you understand this mind-trap, it becomes easy to defy it.. But since most of this generation is so invested in social media…which is just an extension to consumerism…there may be no hope for you.

  3. sewa says:

    I literally cannot stress how refreshing and insightful this video was. Everything you mentioned was SPOT ON! I wish the conversations we have today centered on more topics like these. You're amazing Cyndee! And that wig gurlllll slayyyy

  4. Some Rando says:

    I just want to say, you are rly pretty and as a girl I obviously wanted to see you and almost compare myself to you just because your face is so perfect and i’m honestly jealous but when I watched your videos I realised that your looks don’t actually matter because your personality stands out more and your video honestly helped me see what was wrong with that so thankyou

  5. Danna Valeska says:

    I think ageing is more of a stigma for women then men in society. Like men would be seen as mature in a good way (sexy). On the other hand, women’s value would decrease simply by having grey hair.

  6. Ana W says:

    Hey! Thank you for sharing! I just wanted to mention that the doctor may have given you false information about the dissolving substance. If the filler used was made of hyaluronic acid (which most temporary fillers are), the substance used to dissolve that filler is hyaluronidase, an enzyme that by definition "eats" only hyaluronic acid. So, fat tissue would not be dissolved. I think the person who administered the injections may not of been the most ethical, at least from the information provided. Regardless, thank you again for your vulnerability and insightfulness!

  7. greenpastures says:

    You are as pretty as can be. Some of that Botox doesn't look natural. It's like what happened to your face. Some of that changing your features alters the natural balance of your face.

  8. kattypig58 says:

    Youth is attractive in every animal because it means you're further away from death and more likely healthier. I hate to break it to people but these are natural instincts we are trying to suppress because we don't understand anymore that we are still an animal species that developed over the millions of years exactly the same as every other animal. Sure we can try and change our primal thinking for the future but it's so funny to me that society has created such an unreal bubble that we're looking for complex reasons for this

  9. Amaya Jackson says:

    i think the reason we are so quick to judge people based on appearances has a lot to do with the instinct to keep ourselves safe. If you find yourself judging someone, maybe too harshly, based on their appearance, just spend more time with them. I do this more than i'd like to admit, but after spending some time getting to know the person, i completely forget my initial judgments of them.

  10. Iris Hickson says:

    I just watched your video about your eye colour and was reminded of it when you were wondering why you had a fear of getting old. u said in that video that people said to u 'you wouldn't be popular if it wasn't for your eye colour' 'you wouldn't be as pretty if you didn't have blue eyes' etc so I think you've subconsciously remembered those remarks and applied it to other features of yourself such as your your youth and your age
    anyway just found ur channel and subscribed! xx

  11. Nicole foxesncats says:

    Well, guys like younger women already so I guess we're out here trying to please them instead of being confident in ourselves. There is a lot of pressure, and I definitely feel it…It's unfortunate, but there are reasons for beauty. If people don't know why, I am surprised. I'm excited about learning about myself too. I just hope whatever man I make endgame with is gonna love me in all the different ways I'll grow.

  12. Cocogodess08 says:

    I don't care if I age. the only thing that bugs me is that I'm 29 years old and have gray hairs. I can't deal! I know for a fact there's a such thing as pretty privilege. it happens to me whenever I decided to wear my makeup.

  13. Lynelle Thompson says:

    You are absolutely gorgeous the way you are!! Most people look in the mirror and see what they think are faults. Just think of what you see when you look at others because most people see the person, not wrinkles, not laugh lines, not any of those things. When you look at others you see a person, another human soul.

  14. Jennie mikasa says:

    I'm 17 turning 18 in about a month and I'm really scared about it. I think I have the same thoughts of "It's only going downhill from here". I don't want to be an "adult" and I'm so scared about it. All these responsibilities when I know shit about myself and life.
    Also I definitely don't think I have pretty privilege because I have a mirror. I KNOW I'm not beautiful and I rarely get hit on by anyone. When I'm in a group of people n one looks at me or cares what I have to say.
    And I have insecurities of every single aspect of my face, body and personality.

  15. maggs says:

    i started being concious of how i look when i was around 13 and i didnt like it. im still trying to love myself the way i am because yeah thats the only face and the only body i have. love x
    ps still considering nose job for my 30th birthday

  16. Amrita Ramesh says:

    Basically you talk about a lot of stuff I think ALL THE TIME, and that youtubers aren't self aware about. I'm a veyrhappy lil new sub! ^_^ That sociology degree is working for you, girl <3

  17. Amrita Ramesh says:

    Pressured into doing it isn't forced…. but it's also kind of like that. And you know how you said you have a fragile spirirt sometimes? Yeah, I'm a new sub, from your blue eyes video, and that's the kind of thing that makes me love your content. Everyone has a fragile spirit sometimes! To varying extenets, sure, but being self aware and open about that isn't common in youtubers, so I really like that. Especially when you do something to change your looks, don't feel like yourself and then get ashamed by this visible sign of caring "too much". As opposed to the all natural option of "not taking care of yourself". People may treat you better when you're pretty… but the pressure to maintain that or maximise that is constant, and strangers feel entitled to telling you that. You'd look prettier with long hair. Or random skincare tips because you could look so perfect.
    I live for your self awareness. It's a goddamn relief. There's no mentally healthyway to have cosmetic surgery, andthere's not getting around that. Sure, people can do as they wishwith their bodies, and that's fully their choice, and there'sno shame in that. But it's not healthy, just like eating a burger isn't. But obviously there's nothing to shame or praise there….

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