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24 thoughts on “I Don't See Color – A Makeup Tutorial | Jackie Aina

  1. Rachel Holly says:

    Honest to God I love your videos and you in general because of how honest and how you almost make each video educational like THIS.I am 100% with this. I am for sure none of the shades you wear or vice versa but everything you review I legit look up so I can get it in my shade. I love how honest and how you advocate for black community no matter what!

  2. LukeSWErrthing says:

    Despite the fact that our skin tones don't match, I have learned more from you about make-up than I have from my mother. I live for it when you call out the lack of inclusion, as it's something that's real and a TON of people experience the same that you do. You put a lot at risk when you do and your bravery is admired ❀

  3. Laura Urbina says:

    This is awesome. I have always bristled at the "I don't see color" nonsense because really, all that says is that you refuse to acknowledge individuality that looks anything unlike yourself. And the discussion about makeup diversity is really important! Makeup can seem shallow on the surface but how a woman enters the many rooms in her life, her appearance absolutely has an impact on how she is received personally and professionally. This is especially true for base products. And when a woman walks into a room with poorly matching foundation, major demarkation lines, strangely oxidized foundation, etc. she just doesn't look as put together as her perfectly blended counterpart. And this applies to so many people, myself included. Olive tones are hard to match too. What an unnecessary obstacle for us to deal with when there is more important work for women to do every day.

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