How to Properly Apply Sun Protection | LovelySkin

How to Properly Apply Sun Protection | LovelySkin

Your sun protection does very little good if you are applying it incorrectly. To combat the dangers of sun exposure, you must make sure you’re applying your lotion the right way. In this how-to video, the LovelySkin experts explain how to properly apply all of your sunscreen products.

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You should apply sun protection 30 minutes before exposure. This allows the skin to properly absorb the formula and prevents it from immediately washing off in water. Make sure you cover every exposed area including commonly forgotten spots such as the ears, lips and scalp where your hair is parted. How you apply sun protection products depends on whether it is a lotion or spray formula. To use a sun protection spray, evenly coat each area and avoid applying the product directly onto your face. Spray formulas are helpful when trying to reach difficult areas such as the back. If you are using a cream formula, use at least one ounce, the size of a shot glass, on your entire body and a quarter-size amount on your face.

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