Here's a foolproof and simple method to correctly color match any foundation to your own skintone! Sick of wasting your money on the wrong shades? Here's how to do it right, so you'll never buy the wrong color again!!

I use the new Fresh Nude Foundation by The Body Shop, which comes in 16 shades. The Lightening and Darkening Drops make it virtually impossible NOT to get the perfect shade for any skintone, even for very light and very dark skinned beauties. You can also use these drops with liquid foundations from other brands.

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I have teamed up with The Body Shop Switzerland to bring you monthly videos featuring some of my favorite products from their line. I could not be more thrilled about this partnership, I have used their products since I was a teen, fell in love with their iconic body butters, and am so impressed with their stance against animal testing, and pro-women's initiative projects and fair trade sourcing in the developing world. This video is created in partnership with The Body Shop. My policy is 100% transparency!


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  1. Ninja Girl says:

    I am tomorrow gonna buy foundation and I am worried to hell that if I pick the wrong one. And I am super shy but then the girls that sell stuff there will come and ask me if they can help me. And then I will panic because if they help me I will probably have to buy the foundation but then I realize that maybe they will help me with finding my color. But yea at least I wont have this problem with bronzer and blush

  2. JennOscura says:

    I am not sure about swatching. I am still new to makeup. I will probably end up at the drug store since it's close by and they have some vegan options that are affordable. I would feel odd trying on makeup in the store. I may just end up doing: Guess, buy, try; repeat as necessary.

  3. Indah Febryyani says:

    the body shop fresh nude foundation is a big hit for me because finally i can find a perfect shade in my tan Indonesian skin with warm.undertone.

    but it's a bit pricey for me (it costs around USD 30 here)

    do u have any suggestion with cheaper price?

  4. Lisa Marie says:

    Never heard of bringing it down to the neck to see if it disapears but it really does make since. Also love hearing about the drops to adjust your color foundations. thanks.

  5. ettenA says:

    It's also worth mentioning that some foundations oxidize over a period of time. I once bought a high end foundation that looked great in the store and when I had it on for the first fifteen minutes at home, but after a while it turned orange toned… and I'm very pale, so that's a huge problem for me. Then those money flew out the window, and it was practically useless. Ask for a tester. In some countries they hand those out like it's nobodies business, but in other countries you have to show a huge interest in the product for them to even consider it. But you save money on trying it on at home for a few days so you know for sure. Then you will find out if it works for your skintype, if the color looks good in daylight, if it breaks you out etc. Pro tip: Look at yourself in the mirror in the car in daylight. It will give you an honest answer 😛

  6. Melody Hsu says:

    So many videos about foundation color I have watched. Finally got a useful one! It was really strange. Supposing someone has a warm skintone. So shouldn't it be the cool color which will match? For it will correct the color making it not too yellow. I got really confused that when we see a foundation labeled warm color. If it is a warm colr foundation, it's for the person who is cool/pink/red. Right? Or does it mean the foundation is for the warm skin? So confused! But the neck checking part in this video make it easer somehow.

  7. M4Ri55A says:

    I would love to see a review of the Younique Liquid Foundations and their other products, I see so many biased reviews and videos that make it seem too good to be true? It'd be great to see a review of their products from a genuine beauty guru 🙂

  8. Llora Angel says:

    Even beauty girls on the counters annoy me as they try to match the foundation to my face which is much darker than my neck (due to rosacea and other discolouration). And then u put foundation on your face and end up with an orange mask as your neck is much more pale! And i always tell that to them and they just ignore! Prob most of the time because actually the ligghtest shade is too dark for me really but they still try to get a sale!

  9. Sophia Romanova says:

    I end up greyish or pinkish with foundations… In store they have some terrible lights, that change up the colors. Annoying process not much success. Plus, mass market foundations have very pure selection for extra pale skin tones. Help would be appreciated))

  10. Cati Narézi says:

    i'm super pale too, but I have a problem: when i wear a foundation that matches my skin like in the video and I take pictures with flash, it shows up much lighter, like a ghost. If I wear a foundation a little darker, it appears perfect in the pictures. So I have been using a foundation a bit darker than my skin tone and then I add a lighter powder over…

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