Everybody wants to know who is Rashida Strober and what’s this dark skin thing she started? Well, Rashida Strober, the world’s first and only dark skin activist is the first woman in history to create a movement only for dark skin. Rashida Strober is the creator, the originator, the architect of the first platform in history for dark skin. She created this dark skin platform in the year 1998 and called it “dark skinned activism” and called herself “the dark skin activist”. Since 1998 Rashida Strober, the world’s first and only dark skin activist built the dark skin activist platform into a global brand:


• Rashida Strober is the first black woman and dark skinned woman to make her dark skin the focal point of her career
• 1998 Rashida gave birth to dark skin activism with a speech about the dark skin model Alek Wek given at saint Petersburg College
• 1998 to 2005 Rashida served as activist in her community while continuing to develop creative works around only dark skin
• 2006 Rashida created the dark skin activist tour featuring her one woman play about dark skin which is the first of its kind called, A dark skin woman’s revenge
• 2009 Rashida built the first dark skin website
• 2009 Rashida brought the first dark skin platform to social media by creating the first channel for dark skin on YouTube and social media
• 2012 Rashida created the first dark skin show that focused only on the issues of dark skin called A dark skin woman’s revenge
• 2011 Rashida created the concept/ paradigm of darkism and wrote and published the book Darkism: 25 ways dark skin people are discriminated against in 2016. The book can be found at or Amazon
• In 2013 Rashida wrote the first motivational book for dark skin females called, “ How to be the hottest dark skin chick on the planet” The book can be found at or on Amazon
• 2013 Rashida made history appearing on TV as the first to bring the dark skin platform to the masses by being the first to bring the “bullied for a dark skin girl narrative” to TV
• 2014 Rashida brought dark skin counseling online and has since counseled countless people on colorism and darksim. She is the first person in history to do colorism and darkism counseling
• 2014 Rashida introduced the dark skin activism platform to the Tommy Sotomayor Show which was previously unheard of
• Since 2014 Rashida set the colorism debate standards that all others have followed by being the first to debate countless men and women on social media in regards to colorism and darkism. Youtube Rashida Strober interviews.
• 2015 The dark skin activist brand became famous and known to millions due to the Kendrick Lamar social media post that Rashida wrote in regards to what she viewed as colorism and darkism in his mate selection choice.
• 2015 people all over the world wrote about The dark skin activist, Rashida Strober including The Breakfast Club’s, Charlemagne making Rashida “Donkey of the day” for being the dark skin activist and calling out Kendrick Lamar’s colorism and darkism.
• 2017 Rashida made history as an opponent in the first colorism/ darkism debate with another black woman on Saneter TV
• Rashida Strober is the first artist to focus her work only on dark skin
• Rashida Strober is the first author to write about only dark skin
• Rashida Strober has written more books on dark skin than anyone in the world
• Rashida Strober has written more plays on dark skin than anyone in the world
• Rashida Strober is the creator of social commentary on dark skin
• Rashida Strober is the first actress to initiate performances only on dark skin
• Rashida Strober is the first debater to focus only on darkism and colorism
• Rashida Strober is the creator of the paradigm darkism
• Rashida Strober is the undisputed queen of dark skin as evidenced by a record that stems back to the year 1998.


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21 thoughts on “How dark skin women traumatized me | Darkism

  1. justmeOnly1me says:

    I was wondering if they were inspired by Rashida since she's the first I noticed online talking about darkism (colorism against dark skinned people), then others emerged in more recent years (like they may be younger people influenced by her) but the problem is they need to pay homage.

    Even if other YouTubers thought of the same things about darkism from experiencing it too, but they just coincidently started their channel after Rashida, then they should still acknowledge her work before them and want to work together in a collabo like someone suggested.
    That would be dope to see unity and respect amongst them, but if they want to be an island…I know some people really did think they're the first to think of something until they come across someone before them who actually did it first (like my aunt who named her children exotic names I wouldn't think anyone else thought of, until I came across a girl on the opposite coast who had my cousin's name).
    If Rashida reached out to them and let them know their content sounded too much like hers, then even if it was a coincident (doubt it, but giving them the benefit of a doubt) I'd at least want them to review what she's saying to see the similarities, and pay homage doing a video with her to show their subs someone who was doing it first, let them know to subscribe to her channel too, and getting her more experienced input on topics.
    It really is about respect…I can tell from how hurt she sounds that being disrespected is what matters more to her than the money itself, which she may have a case to be compensated for.

  2. DARK SKIN TV rashida strober says:

    Slowly but surely the people will see how i created the first dark skin platform called dark skin activism in 1998 then brought it to social media where people called me crazy for creating dark skin activism and calling myself the dark skin activist…then stole and plaigarized my content that they called crazy. How hypocritical, trifling, evil and backstabbing. The people's eyes will soon be fully opened. There is only one dark skin activist who every one else is stealing and copying from.

  3. Bronze_Cocoa says:

    Keep up the good work. Because dark skin activism has definitely begun to pick up. I'm glad that women like you are so brave to expose themselves to promote dark skinned women. Thank you so much!

  4. Miss Faith Butterfly says:

    Hey Rashida, I ran across something & thought about you. I've been listening to this wonderful lady's music alot the past few weeks, but then I thought to myself "Why is everyone acting like' a certain new singer' is the 1st beautiful dark skin singer with an afro? 🙂 Shes not! But music helps heal the soul (at least for me), I don't know if you like this kind of music, but Angie Stone did an amazing cover of a classic song, you should check it out in your spare time

  5. jonny penn says:

    did you ever try to make a collab video with one of these copycats? I liked the video you had with that angel dude, and the tommy one was cool (some parts of it). Just my two cents… we get it, you were first but why are you so upset that other people are sharing the same message? isnt that a good thing? anyways… stay beautiful.

  6. justmeOnly1me says:

    Absolutely after your trials and injustices with a family and system that failed you – it's by grace and a miracle that you survived and aren't a crackhead prostitute on the streets. Ya'll are amazing when you defy odds like that.

  7. justmeOnly1me says:

    My God, you brought tears to my eyes…If people can't understand your rage and pain after this, then they just don't want to understand and lack the empathy anyone with a soul should have. Thank you for holding EVERYONE accountable… We're ALL guilty in every demographic of this injustice against dark-skin Black people. Thank you for your vulnerability and honesty.

  8. justmeOnly1me says:

    24:50 You're open and honest. I think you'd be able to educate Cynthia G about darkism outside of her personal experience to give her more insight. I'd like to see her come on your platform or vice versa, because she'd probably be receptive to someone like you who shows her face, is genuine, honest, well researched, and deals in facts to correct her where she's inaccurate and confirm where she's telling the truth.

  9. Miss Faith Butterfly says:

    Hi Rashida, the presentation you gave in the Intro to the video was Brilliant. What a performance, it almost brings tears to the eye. Wow. I believe that's called Performance Art. The veil over your face concept was amazing. As a woman, that image just instantly resonates all your pain in a matter of seconds.

  10. Natalia Ayasha Ciccone F says:

    I have repeatedly come back to your channel to listen to your content even though I always wished the delivery was slightly softer with a little less profanity and screaming . I undoubtedly realize that it is NOT your job to make me comfortable with YOUR story. It is what it is and it should be told only as you see fit. Listening to this particular video really struck me and allowed me to see your plight in a different way. To have heard, seen, and experienced what you have at the hands of family members, schoolmates, and some friends was absolutely horrific. Your story is like many dark skin women and it must have been painful. I get it now. I see where the anger comes from – NOT that I didn't give it credence before. No one should have to have such hurtful experiences repeated throughout life from all angles. I am sorry for your trauma and heartache.

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