Hazel E colorism rant on dark skin women and gays

Hazel E colorism rant on dark skin women and gays

https://youtu.be/xzk_YW4AWHc please watch my video about Kodak black colorism on dark skin women also please watch my other video about light skin vs dark skin (the division in the black race)

This video is about Hazel E a reality star from Love & Hip Hop Hollywood. Who recently had a rant on Instagram 2 weeks ago abut dark skin women and gays. And I am explaining colorism and how it started, colorism have damaged the black race for many years since the Willie Lynch Letter. European beauty standards is the standard of Beauty in America. lighter skin people is viewed as more beautiful then dark skin people. They pushed this in the Media and use products like skin bleaching creams to a allow black people bleach their skin and make it seem like the lighter you are the more beautiful you become. And black man rappers seem to use colorism to the extreme, it influence our black men that light skinned women and white women are more beautiful and better. But is really white supremacy way of working to divide our race. They use self hating black people to divide are race by skin shade. Also to make dark skin people feel inferior especially dark skin women feel insecure about themselves.


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  • Khoran Allah-Bey Reply

    Amani Keshia…

    Great topic…

    Just remember females like Hazel E are nothing moor than pawns in the game of white supremacy, and the world of white supremacy is on its death bed.

    All we have to do is continue to unite, and separate ourselves from these devils and their grafted culture. Our love for each other is the most powerful force in the u-n-I-verse-All.

    The devils that promote these type of reality tv shows are practicing nothing moor than modern day willie lynch ideologies to divide and conquer the so-called black man and woman on the continent of North America.

    Their plans are failing horribly. Their birth rate as a race is in the negative while ours is ever increasing irregardless to the biological weapons that they use against us to control our population.

    Look at how they use their controlled media to promote abortion and homosexuality in our communities… yet all I continue to see is strong so-called black men, women, and children.

    God is the greatest.

    February 21, 2019 at 7:14 pm

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