In recent years, one of the indicators of peopleโ€™s quality of life is the health and beauty of their skin. Also important to health and beauty is the quality of food consumed, living conditions, quality of cosmetics, clothes, medication, type of job and recreation. The skin is like a mirror that displays all the aforementioned. Food quality consumed is important, a person who takes a balanced diet regularly will be healthier than one who does not eat a balanced diet or the one that does not eat regularly. Some nutrients are essential in our meals as they possess antibodies that help to purge harmful and toxic substances from the body, some of these antibodies are found in vegetables.

Protein and Vitamin D are essential in developing and maintaining a healthy skin. The hygiene of an environment, is also a major factor in having a healthy skin, some skin conditions like eczema have been said to be caused by an unclean environment. The quality of medication is also a factor one has to look at; self-treatment has a lot of disadvantages. Application of the wrong treatment to a skin condition may worsen the situation and might result in permanent damage or scarring. The clothes we wear help or affect our healthy skin, some clothes are best for cold climates, while some are ideal for sunny ones.

A wrong choice of clothe, especially in a sunny region where it is essential to wear sun protection clothes can have hazardous effects on the skin. Our jobs and choice of recreation are important factors to be considered, some jobs require constant exposure to sun all day long and some recreational activities too. It is important that people in such fields pay more attention to using sunscreens more regularly than others; their risk level to skin conditions is much higher. That brings us to the issue of health and beauty products, it is essential that people choose products that can offer the aesthetic effects, as well as, the protective ones too. Ultra violet rays, which are harmful rays of the sun, can lead to cancer in the case of excessive exposure to the sun. They are not just sun dependent but occur on cloudy days too, and they are so powerful that they penetrate through glass.

As a pro-active measure towards having a beautiful skin tone, the use of sunscreens cannot be overemphasized. Its use is important for people of all colors, fair skin or dark skin. It is wise that they protect themselves regularly from Ultra violet rays, on sunny and as well as on cloudy days. The effects of these rays are not limited to sun burns, they compromise the immune system, increasing the vulnerability level to other forms of ailments regardless of complexion, and sometimes they lead to extreme conditions like skin cancer. There have been claims by researchers that Ultra violet ray levels are increasing at an alarming rate. The effect of this is that people have become more prone to develop hyperpigmentation. To have a better quality and healthy life with good skin, the daily use of sunscreens is inevitable.

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