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WATCH ME IN HD !!!! Hey Guys So I’m back with a new video after what feels like forever… Today’s look is going to be all about fake freckles. I’m so obsessed with freckles atm and as I was not blessed with real ones, I have to make do with the fake ones 🙁 This look is perfect for women of colour trying to achieve natural looking fake freckles. I really hope you guys enjoy the video x Instagram, Twitter & Snapchat @tarisaix Have You Seen My Last Video ? Natural Hair Journey (1): How to Restore & Grow Dry & Heat Damaged 4C Hair Products Used: ABH Concealer in 7 Sephora Contour Duo in Dark Loreal Pro Matte Powder MAC Lip Liner in Chestnut Colour Pop Brow Colour in Black n Brown Sleek Contour Kit in Dark MAC Blush in Raizin NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in London House of Lashes in Feline

Specially formulated for olive to ebony skin tones, EXTRASHADE Daily Defense Hydrating Lotion SPF30 nourishes dry lifeless skin while protecting against UVA & UVB Rays without leaving a messy white chalky residue!

Although your olive to ebony skin provides up to SPF13 protection. Your skin is still exposed to harmful UVA rays known to cause Melanoma, Hyperpigmentation, and Premature Aging. Even if you wanted to protect your skin, over-the-counter drug stores only stock mineral-rich sunscreen that leaves your skin clouded in a grayish-white chalky disaster!

In effect, EXTRASHADE Daily Defense Hydrating Lotion SPF30 exchanged the chalky white residue for an invisible nourishing daily lotion capable of protecting your skin from free radicals, fine lines and dry ashy skin. This invisible formula is Gentle and Lightweight; perfect as a makeup base yet potent enough to shield your skin from UVB and UVA Rays!

In order to achieve the power of a broadband spectrum sunscreen with the nourishment of a high-end super hydrating moisturizer. EXTRASHADE fused eight naturally occurring botanical extracts known to soothe irritated skin, prevent harmful UV Rays, and leave skin smooth and supple. In every 3oz bottle you will discover:

– Passion Flower Extract and Soap Bark Extract absorb dead skin cells while degreasing, tightening, and toning before Vitamins A, C, and Essential Fatty Acids blanket your skin in cell regenerating collagen.

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  1. MisMupp says:

    My entire family has freckles. Some of us have them all over and were heavily teased about it as children. First they bash you for certain traits then it becomes a “trend”.

  2. Twistylers says:

    wow cute af 🤭

  3. Is she from london?

  4. A. M says:

    Love the look . 😍 but she resembles poetic drugs . 😍 She could be his sister

  5. Miya Vaughn says:

    Dont see a Single freckle 😂🤣

  6. Luixcc says:

    What is your accent?? I love it!

  7. joanne gomo says:

    Why are black people soooo stupid and trifling ? We only love freckles because we believe white people have them in the main. God help my people, so lost & so stopid.

  8. She doesn’t even need make up she’s flawless 👌

  9. OMG I love your accent!!!!

  10. officialael says:

    I have freckles and I hate them… just a question why do people want them?

  11. Ms Brownie says:

    The way you say video, vid jo 😂😂

  12. Ms Brownie says:

    The way you say video, vid jo 😂😂

  13. dakota cruz says:

    i couldnt even WATCH that wig the hole thing anyway

  14. Mrs. Lyn says:

    I cant believe fake freckles are a thing! I am just starting to love my freckles.

  15. N4d43a says:

    Omg her teeth are perfect

  16. Lmao. Try fauxfreckles.com it's like $ 24.99 some other girl on your tube uses the same.

  17. If I see this damn mercari ad one more time

  18. Lemos Cartas says:

    I LOVE your accent !!

  19. Mizzqueen_ says:

    …I'm so sorry but please just hop to it

  20. Esther says:

    you're so beautiful! xx

  21. They don't look real. Just look like spots and slashes 🙄🙄 WTF!

  22. Omg I love this deff trying it out

  23. silvia says:

    You look beautiful ❤😃
    Kisses 💋

  24. Kate Marsh says:

    Oh thank god I found this video!

  25. Weird but wonderful
    Don't think it would suit me though

  26. Your adorable and I love this!! People are stupid!! Ignore them!! 💛💕💖💋💔 Subscribed!

  27. Roxie Stars says:

    stunning!i love your vibe and you are talented! keep upthe good work!..xox

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