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In this clip, Godfrey talked about the perils of self-hatred in the Black community, particularly those of the darker hue. Godfrey explained how he's always loved Black women but they assumed he was into white women based on how he talked. He added that Black women were also more into light-skinned men. Godfrey said he understands where Glokknine's head is due to the convergence of self-hatred and colorism within the Black community.
But Godfrey said for himself, he never got caught up in that because of the examples he had at home of people being proud of their complexion. He also urges everyone to instill confidence in dark-skinned children and remind them they're beautiful too.


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50 thoughts on “Godfrey: Michael Jordan and Wesley Snipes Changed Perception of Dark Skin (Part 2)

  1. Khrashing Phantom says:

    Don't worry everyone is all confused. He's saying people would say he's attractive for a dark skinned person, there are people out there who say the exact same thing about a light skinned person. The dislike comes from everywhere and everyone has something to say to keep us all angry and separated. This is an age old conversation. I'm glad he's telling his perspective, though. Black is beautiful no matter the complexion.

  2. Singer1234 singer says:

    It was the opposite when I was in school. Black girls loved the dark skin boys. 6ft football player, six pack dark guys, the ladies loved them, and they always had pretty light skin girlfriends. I rarely see black women make a big deal about light skin dudes. If light dudes were in, why are all the black dudes in Hollywood that are considered hot, darker? Morris, Idris, Denzel, Micheal B, Chadwick etc. Black women lost their minds over dark skin M'Baku. Name a successful light skin male actor, other then Will Smith. The people that get the shit end of the stick are dark women. Tall, dark, and handsome is often used to describe a good looking male. Dark is rarely used to describe a beautiful woman.

  3. Zikomo7 says:

    Eh. I hear too many black women saying they want a chocolate brother. Yโ€™all need to stop blaming all black women forever because of something that happened when you were a child or teenager

  4. justiii3 says:

    If you are using Skin Creams to lighten your skin….do the world and yourself a favor and done your self. If you take offense to this statement for whatever reason, question your own feelings.

  5. Dodgy Grizzly says:

    I love this guy. I remember as a 14yr old virgin, the girls making comments about my nappy hair or my skin tone…but I was defiant, I'd flip that sh!t and make it beautiful, no comb, no shirt, just focused on feeling good and nurturing my spirit. Those same girls were throwing themselves at me years later because I was confident.

  6. Genine Hart says:

    Actually the reason That in India the lighter you are the better is because in history the poor worked in the sun so dark skin represented lower class. Not European influenced. History facts

  7. DOWN SOUTH! says:

    He had me hollin with that "spotty" business, lol! But yeah I agree there's fine women of all races and colors. I've seen ugly light skin girls, and I've seen dark skin girls that were finer than an alright light brown girl. It just all depends


  8. Keyce Andreas says:

    Godfrey can kiss my whole light skinned ass. Us light skin brothas got all the fucked up stereotypes in our race. Light skin niggas are what? Soft, emotional and shit. The kings and strong black guys always dark skinned.

  9. Lionel Wilson says:

    Damn brah. That shit happen to me too. Always into black chicks only was able to pull Latinas. They always fucked with me for me. Black chicks stayed with that tearing down. They still fine (black girls). Just not for me

  10. Karon G says:

    GODfrey is one of the most beautiful men I have ever seen๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜. Love that he keeps it real. Sometimes to real ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚.

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